Jackson County 4-H presents awards, honors

LAKEFIELD -- "Grow Green with 4-H" was the theme for the 2009 Jackson County 4-H Recognition Banquet on Nov. 22. More than 330 people attended the event at the Immanuel Lutheran Church Activity Center in Lakefield. The Enterprise Earners and LaCr...


LAKEFIELD -- "Grow Green with 4-H" was the theme for the 2009 Jackson County 4-H Recognition Banquet on Nov. 22. More than 330 people attended the event at the Immanuel Lutheran Church Activity Center in Lakefield. The Enterprise Earners and LaCrosse Loyal Workers 4-H Clubs served as hosts. Accomplishments of members, leaders and friends for 2008-2009 were recognized.

The "I Dare You" Award was presented to Evan Koep and Gabrielle Holthe.

Honored with the Jackson County Friend of 4-H Award were the Jackson County American Dairy Association, Eric & Barb Post, Willis Hinkeldey, George Tauer, Cottonwood Cattle Producers, Jackson County Trails Committee, Federated Rural Electric Association and the Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association.

Project Record award winners:

Aerospace: Aaron Fest and Josh Ulbricht.


Beef: Kelsey Beyer, Scott Christopher, Sydney Eddy, Ben Freking, Chase Heser, Riley Johnson, Kristin Schulz, Ashley Wagner and Austin Yonker.

Bicycle: Isaac Johnson.

Cat: Taylor Boell.

Child & Family Development: Abbie Lucht and Cassandra Ulbricht.

Citizenship: Hilary Geesman and Izaac Lucht.

Clothing & Textiles: Jessica Christoffer, Tia Cselovszki, Abi Fest, Hannah Holmberg, Sarah Holmberg, Rachel Johnson, Abbie Lucht, Emma Pohlman and Sarah Voehl.

Clowning: Abbie Lucht and Kortney Porter.

Co-op Calf: Emmalie Benson and Mandi Hartzler.


Crafts & Fine Arts: Abi Fest, Jonathan Hussong, Abbie Lucht, Emma Pohlman and Jordan Snyder.

Demonstration: Austin Liepold.

Dairy: Austin Hinkeldey, Bridgette Hinkeldey and Jordan Winter.

Entomology: Abbie Lucht.

Flower Gardening: Megan Edlin, Andrea Hinkeldey, Autumn Hinkeldey and Brianna Hinkeldey.

Foods & Nutrition: Jacey Edlin, Izaac Lucht, Zach Paulson, Kristina Porter, Constance Rasmussen and Anna Rose.

Food Preservation: Aaron Fest.

Fruit: Andrea Hinkeldey.


Geology: Josh Christoffer and Abbie Lucht.

Global Connections: Abbie Lucht and Izaac Lucht.

Goat: Tyler Brunk, Hailey Ehlers, Aaron Fest, Isaac Fest, Jonathan Hussong, Austin Milbrath, Ike Pohlman, Nathan Schulz, Jordan Snyder and Kilen Warmka.

Health: Kristin Liepold and Alison Tate.

Home Environment: Abbie Lucht, Izaac Lucht, Maggie Post, Megan Ulbricht and Ashley Wagner.

Horse: Cassie Cselovszki and McKenzie Cselovszki.

Indoor Gardening: Sarah Christopher and Isaac Fest.

Lawn & Landscape: Patrick Tate.


Performing Arts: Aaron Fest, Elise Mickelson and Andrew Paulson.

Photography: Erin Liepold, Izaac Lucht, Austin Milbrath, Curtis Pell, Jared Pomerenke, Kristina Porter, Madelyn Vancura and Michaela Vancura.

Potato: Kyle Edlin.

Poultry: Marcus Hinkeldey, Michaela Kellner and Ashley Wagner.

Rabbit: Ashley Wagner.

Robotics: Abbie Lucht and Izaac Lucht.

Safety: Izaac Lucht.

Self Determined: Izaac Lucht.


Sheep: Evan Koep and Katelyn Thiner.

Shooting Sports/Wildlife Mgmt: Izaac Lucht.

Shop: Isaac Fest, Ryan Hinkeldey, Cale Pell, Jeff Pell, Jordan Snyder and Hadass Sveback.

Swine: Zach Bargfrede, Taylor Christopher, Ben Freking, Alex Hohenstein, Nolan Hohenstein, Maggie Post, Tanner Post, Zachary Post, Adriane Rentschler, Breanne Rentschler, Kate Rentschler, Darick Vancura and Dastinee Vancura.

Vegetable Gardening: Isaac Fest.

Veterinary Science: Sydney Eddy and Ashley Wagner.

Water/Wetlands: Izaac Lucht.

Wildlife/Biology: Austin Yonker.


Youth Leadership: Alyssa Nelson.

Individual, club honors

Young Achievers: Zach Bargfrede, Jessica Christoffer, Jacey Edlin, Hunter Gustin, Garrhet Kellner, Michaela Kellner, Jeremiah Manwarren, Maggie Post, Rachel Salentiny and Ashley Wagner.

4-H Graduates: Nathan Brandt, Devin Burmeister, Mandi Hartzler, Joe Liepold, Jeff Pell, Marie Tate, Katelyn Thiner and Megan Ulbricht.

Ambassadors: Kate Anderson, Desirae Cleland, Maddie Collin, Hilary Geesman, Marissa Grupe, Shawna Grupe, Jon Harmening, Mandi Hartzler, Angela Holthe, Gabrielle Holthe, Jacob Ihnen, Chrisi Kinyon-Filipa, Izaac Lucht, Kelsey Manwarren, Elise Mickelson, Alyssa Nelson, Jeff Pell, Riley Place, Kristy Porter, Connie Rasmussen, Adriane Rentschler, Breanne Rentschler, Kate Rentschler, Jake Schmidt, Kristin Schulz, Nathan Schulz, Jordan Snyder, Amanda Stubbe, Alison Tate, Marie Tate, Alex Tewes, Greg Tusa, Cassandra Ulbricht, Megan Ulbricht, Lauren Vacek, Jenna Vachuska, Dastinee Vancura and Alysse Varilek.

Alumni Awards: Jason Diemer, Rhonda Nelson, Kim Hohenstein, Jim Nesseth and Jon Hinkeldey.

Achievement, Leadership and Citizenship award, sponsored by First National Bank, Lakefield: Elise Mickelson and Evan Koep.

Spirit of 4-H Award, sponsored by Cynthia Celander, Extension Educator: Kelsey Manwarren.

REA Incentive Award, sponsored by Federated Rural Electric: Brandon Grupe

Conservation Award, sponsored by Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District: Desirae Cleland

Community Pride Award, sponsored by Bank Midwest of Jackson: Wisconsin Wizards 4-H Club

Club Project Award: Wisconsin Wizards 4-H Club

Adeline Rossow Award, sponsored by Ken Rossow Family: Dale Schulz.

Ray Palmby Award: Kate Rentschler.

Loren Schulz Memorial Award, sponsored by Caroline Schulz and family: Izaac Lucht.

Reporter Award, sponsored by Jackson County Pilot and Lakefield Standard: Adriane Rentschler and Josh Christoffer.

Secretary Award: Ike Pohlman

Treasurer Award: Bridgette Hinkeldey

Scotch Trophy: LaCrosse Loyal Workers 4-H Club.

Most Improved Club: Wisconsin Wizards 4-H Club.

Club of the Year: Enterprise Earners 4-H Club.

Bronze Clubs: Heron Landers and Petersburg Willing Workers.

Silver Clubs: Lakefield Hunter, Middletown Livewires and Sioux Valley Work and Win.

Gold Clubs: Delafield Diggers, Enterprise Earners, LaCrosse Loyal Workers, Rost Rustlers and Wisconsin Wizards.

Businessman Awards: ADM Alliance Nutrition, Rod Voss and Dick Voss; Coca-Cola, Barb Post; Dave's Repair, Dave Jaenisch; Tom Holthe Construction; Signature Graphics, Julie Vrchota; Southwest Awards, Laura Schneekloth; and Stag Clothiers of Windom, Stan Wendland and Lisa Vollan.

Special Recognition: Media representatives, Club Correspondent Leaders, Summer Assistant Mandy Stade, Andrea Ruesch and Dr. Fell.

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