Jackson County results in -- just a little bit later

JACKSON -- Jackson County's election results came in a little later than expected Wednesday morning due to the county's time-consuming process of counting votes.

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JACKSON -- Jackson County’s election results came in a little later than expected Wednesday morning due to the county’s time-consuming process of counting votes.

  Jackson County Auditor and Treasurer Kevin Nordquist said the county was able to upload the election results to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State (OMSS) around 1 a.m. Wednesday. Results from most counties in the state were on the OMSS website by between 11 and 11:30 p.m.

  “It was successful, just very slow,” Nordquist said.

  Nordquist explained that the method used by Jackson County to process votes is different from other Minnesota counties. He said the county only has five precinct ballot tabulators, and ballots from the county’s other 23 precincts are delivered to the courthouse and manually entered into the tabulators before being uploaded to the OMSS website.  

  “It is just way slower because you have to run them by hand,” he said. “In other counties, the voters are entering their ballots in the tabulator and they are been tabulated throughout the day. We have to wait until after the polls close.”



Nordquist said other counties have all their votes automatically stored on USB from their precinct tabulators.

  “They just plug it in their computer and upload to the OMSS cite, so they don't go through the process of running the ballots again,” he said.

  Nordquist noted that even though the county recently replaced its voting machines, the new ones are still slower than machinery in other counties. He added that when the county received funds from Help America Vote Act years ago, it bought a central-count machine that isn’t as time-efficient as the precinct tabulators.

  “Jackson decided to go with the central-count machine where most other counties decided to put precinct tabulators out in all their precincts,” Nordquist said. “So the only thing they have to do is to bring their results and upload to the OMSS, which is much quicker.”

  Nordquist said Help America Vote Act funds are no longer available, which means the county has to assume the cost of replacing voting machines. That’s not a priority, he indicated, because their process is still accurate.


“Now that we don’t have those funds available, we are looking to update technology with county funds,” Nordquist said. “We are just not willing to spend a whole bunch of money for one night every couple of years to get the results a few hours faster.”


  Once Jackson County residents waited out the counting process, they learned who three new county commissioners would be in contested races.

  David Scott McClure is the new county commissioner in District 1, defeating Richard Erickson by a margin of 535-485. Cathy Hohenstein easily won the District 3 county commissioner matchup, topping Albert Henning by nearly 300 votes (553-354). In a much tighter race, James Eigenberg’s 583 votes defeated Wayne Rasche (496) for the District 5 seat.

  Here are Jackson County election results:



  Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence 3609

  Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine 1492

  Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley 22


  Dan R. Vacek and Mark Elworth Jr. 17

  Alyson Kennedy and Osborne Hart 1

  Jill Stein and Howie Hawkins 49

  “Rocky” Roque De La Fuente and Michael Steinberg 1

  Evan McMullin and Nathan Johnson 81

  Gary Johnson and William Weld 181

  Write-in 31

  U.S. Representative

  District 1

  Jim Hagedorn 3248

  Tim Walz 2180

  Write-in 3


  State Senate

  District 22

  Bill Weber 1694

  Brian Abrahamson 682

  Write-in 1

  District 23

  Julie Rosen 2103

  Barbara Ann Lake 877

  Write-in 2

  District 22 B

  Rod Hamilton 1747

  Kirby G. Kruse 664

  Write-in 0

District 23 ABob Gunther 2062Bob Huntley 935Write-in 1 JUDICIAL Supreme CourtAssociate Justice 6Michelle L. MacDonald 2018Natalie Hudson 2668Write-in 4 Court of AppealsJudge 5Louise Dovre Bjorkman 4289Write-in 11 Judge 8Denise D. Reilly 4239Write-in 9 Judge 11Michelle A. Larkin  4248Write-in 5 Judge 13Randolph W. Peterson 4239Write-in 6 Judge 14Larry Stauber Jr. 4233Write-in 7 Judge 16Peter M. Reyes Jr. 4213Write-in 5 Judge 17Matthew E. Johnson 4221Write-in 5 Judge 18Heidi Schellhas 4213Write-in 6 Judge 19Francis Connolly 4198Write-in 8 5th District CourtJudge 1Gregory J. Anderson 4253Write-in 4 Judge 3Allison L. Krehbiel 4217Write-in 4 Judge 6Michelle Dietrich 4223Write-in 5 Judge 9Lee Bush 4221Write-in 9 Judge 10Kurt D. Johnson 4225Write-in 6 Judge 16Darci J. Bentz 4247Write-in 6  COUNTY  Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor District 1David Hussong 4896Write-in 10 Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor District 3Dennis Daberkow 4844Write-in 13 Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor District 5Larry G. Hansen 4841Write-in 5 CITY JacksonCouncil Ward 1 (2)Matt Madden 539Brandon Finck 567Write-in 12 Council Ward 2 (1)Donnie Schoenrock 637JoEllen E. Will 168Write-in 2  Wilder Mayor Tom Myrvold 30Write-in 1  Council (1)Brian Quiring 32Write-in 0 Council (2)Brent Chacula 27Kenneth Hunter Jr. 28Write-in 0 AlphaMayorTimothy Cain 56Write-in 0 Council (2)Daryl Becker 16David Doppenberg 41Chris Chain 43 Write-in 2 Heron Lake MayorJason Freking 265Write-in 5 Council (2)Daniel Perrizo 123Andrew J. Rasche 164Glenn “Butch” Kuhnau 135John Hay  107Write-in 3  LakefieldMayorDarrell Nissen 398Brian Rossow 447Write-in 6 Council, at largeBrent M. Pavelko 687Nathan “Norm” Hall 533 Write-in 11 OkabenaMayorBrent Groen 99Write-in 0 Council (2)Joshua Zuehlke 75LeAnn Warner 68 Write-in 8 TOWNSHIPSHeron LakeSupervisor Seat B Kyle R. Thaemlitz 154Write-in 1 Supervisor Seat C James D. Bretzman Jr. 153 Write-in 2 TreasurerJoel A. Poppe 76Douglas A. Hansen 83 Write-in 0 HunterSupervisor Seat B (1)Richard Kilma 133Write-in 1 ClerkRosemary Swanson 129Write-in 1 SCHOOL DISTRICTHeron Lake-Okabena District 330School Board (3)Robert Allen Egge 481Terri Stenzel 649Jeanie Rasche 582Write-in 19 Windom District 177School Board (4)Joel Bordewyk 191Joe LaCanne 253Barbara Jones 211Write-in 48 Martin County West District 2448School Board (4)Steve Olson 3Michele Anderson 3Laura Borchardt 4Kent D. Janssen 3Write-in 0 Jackson County Central District 2895School Board (4)Tim Thurmer 2190Judy Thrush-Withers 1939Jeff K. Johnson 2303Amy Voss 2518Melonie Vancura 2345Tracy Mitchell 1340Write-in 419  Round Lake-Brewster District 2907School Board (4)Robert Bohn 98Josiah Leighty 101Trevor Wintz 129Ronda Renee Sammons 110Write-in 5 Special Election Windom District 177School BoardJoan Hunter 295 Write-in 4  Jackson County Central District 2895  The Board of Independent School District No. 2895, Jackson County Central Schools, has proposed to renew its referendum revenue authorization, which is set to expires in 2017, in an amount equal to 284.87 per pupil.

  2683 YES

1281 NO


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