Live from Chautauqua Park: Evening news to be broadcast from Worthington

WORTHINGTON -- Local residents won't have to turn on their television sets to see the evening news Thursday. They can see it in person and perhaps even be part of it.

KSFY broadcast
KSFY photorjournalist Dave Hauck gets a closeup shot of the car in which Robert F. Kennedy rode in the King Turkey Parade while Marv Spomer looks on during a visit to Spomer Classics this week. The Sioux Falls, S.D., TV station will broadcast live from Worthington and share some highlights from the city Thursdaqy evening. (Beth Rickers / Daily Globe)

WORTHINGTON -- Local residents won’t have to turn on their television sets to see the evening news Thursday. They can see it in person and perhaps even be part of it.

ABC affiliate KSFY TV from Sioux Falls, S.D., will broadcast its 5 and 6 p.m. news programs live Thursday from Worthington’s Chautauqua Park. The station’s field trip is part of its “One Day Getaway” summertime series.

“I’ve been here five summers, and we’ve done this every summer,” explained KSFY News Director Kevin King. “We do it one day a week during July. We started it originally as a way to get out of the studio, because we were building a new set that summer, and we ended up really liking what we were doing.”

The concept is this: The station’s news anchors and other on-air personalities go out to a location in the chosen city and do the news from there. The broadcast also features a variety of segments shot in the location city. Ashley Goettig of the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau took KSFY photojournalist Dave Hauck around the community Tuesday to film several locations in advance.

“Spomer Classics, Pioneer Village, Memorial Auditorium, the Nobles County Art Center, the Historic Dayton House,” listed Goettig about the locations filmed. “With the ‘One Day Getaway’ series, they always feature a locally-owned restaurant in the community, so we are going to do Hickory Lodge. … It’s a way to show people from outside our community what we have to offer, whether it be for one day or the entire weekend.”


With the International Festival set for the upcoming weekend, Goettig said a live segment will also include an interview focused on that event.

“It’s kind of fun,” said King. “It’s a time to show people what’s going on in these communities that we might not get to every day and highlight the positive things that are happening.”

Slated to be at Chautauqua Park are news anchors Brian Allen and Courtney Collen; senior meteorologist Phil Schreck; and sports director Erik Thorstenson.

“We will have a full crew out there,” King said, adding that even the sports segment will have a Worthington angle.

KSFY has already highlighted Mitchell, S.D., as part of the 2016 “One Day Getaway” effort, and will continue on to Mount Rushmore the week after Worthington to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the monument’s completion. The series will wrap for this year a bit closer to home -- downtown Sioux Falls, with a block party and a sneak peek at KSFY’s new building, King said.

Wherever they are, the KSFY crew welcomes the public to be part of the “Getaway” experience and add even more of a local flavor.

“The more the merrier,” said King. “They always enjoy meeting the people and saying hello.”

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