3 sentenced in local courts for animal abuse, theft, and firearm possession, respectively

Three individuals were sentenced in local fifth district county courts, in cases previously reported on by The Globe.

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WORTHINGTON — Three individuals were sentenced in local fifth district county courts, in cases previously reported on by The Globe.

Highway workers found a plastic storage container sealed with bungee cords and tape near Mille Lacs Lake.
For incidents recorded the evening of March 21 through the early evening of March 24.
Daijon Eshun was initially charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a minor but was sentenced on an amended charge after entering an Alford plea.

  • David De Luna Ortiz, 35, of Worthington, was sentenced in Nobles County Fifth District Court on March 8 in a case regarding animal cruelty. Ortiz faced both felony and gross misdemeanor counts of animal mistreatment, stemming from an April 2022 incident where he allegedly beat a dog with a broom .

    Ortiz pled guilty to the charges and was convicted of one count of gross misdemeanor animal mistreatment. The felony count was dismissed per the plea agreement.

    He was sentenced to 360 days in Nobles County Jail, which was stayed for two years of supervised probation. Ortiz is also required to pay $585 in court fees.

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  • On March 7, Dawn Marie Collins, 55, of Mankato, was sentenced in Nobles County, having been convicted of two counts of felony theft. Collins had earlier entered a plea of guilty and a third charge for illegal ammo possession was dismissed per the plea agreement.

    Collins was arrested in August 2022 after reportedly stealing $2,215 worth of merchandise from a Worthington store. She was sentenced to a year and a day of confinement in a Minnesota Correctional Facility but placed on supervised probation for five years. Collins faces $685 dollars in court fees, including a $500 fine.

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  • Koulten Ugene Robinson, 24, of St. Paul was sentenced in Nobles County on March 7 after being convicted on one count of illegal firearm possession. 

    Robinson was arrested in August, 2022 following a Worthington traffic stop where he was reportedly found in possession of a firearm and drugs. The drug charge was dismissed following Robinson pleading guilty, as per the plea agreement.

    He was sentenced to 60 months in prison, with 197 days credit for time already served. Additionally, he is subject to $160 in court fees. 

The matter was tabled during the March 13 meeting of the Worthington City Council, due to new information from MnDOT that had come up after the commission had recommended approval of the permit.
The suspect is charged with felony obstruction of the legal process, a felony count of fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, and a gross misdemeanor count of ineligible firearm possession.
Jones's first appearance in court has been scheduled for April 4.
Felony counts of property damage and assault were filed in Murray County.
In a separate case, another individual was sentenced on charges of fleeing a peace officer.
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"You were on your way to a funeral, but you caused one instead,” said Jorge Fuentes, whose brother Erick Fuentes was killed in the July 6 collision.
Conditional bail for Olson was set at $200,000. He is scheduled to make his initial court appearance March 21.
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“There’s nothing like baking bread in winter when the world is kind of cold and dreary,” said FCS teacher Lori Romans.
Ammons’ initial court appearance was scheduled for March 13.
City ordinance currently prevents keeping chickens on a residential property in Worthington, but one resident is requesting the council consider changes.

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