Area students graduate, earn academic honors, Jan. 23, 2023

Many students from southwest Minnesota and northwest Iowa received degrees or honors recently.

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Hannah Ethridge, Fulda, was named to the fall 2022 honors list at Concordia University, Nebraska, which required a 3.90 GPA or higher.

“I just can't any longer be elected into office and say that the only model, the only way to do education, is the way we've done it since 1889,” one lawmaker backing 'school choice' proposals said.
Because they’re new, the health risks of e-cigarettes aren’t as widely known, and misinformation is common.
After cracks in a school wall were discovered in fall 2021, further investigation revealed that masonry and clay tile had deteriorated.

Area students named to the Minnesota State University Moorhead fall dean’s list, which required a 3.25 GPA or higher, included Grace Becker, Windom; Ariana Jeffers, Brewster; Chloe Lear, Morgan Niehus and Will Rops, Pipestone; and Owen Vogel, Slayton.

Area students named to the Iowa Lakes Community College fall 2022 president’s list, which required a 4.0 GPA, included Kyle Bensley, Lake Park, Iowa; Gabriel Batman, Haley Hallengren and MacKenzie Miller, Milford, Iowa; Krista Hoffert and Tanner Van Heuvelen, Ocheyedan, Iowa; Cailin Jensen, Okoboji, Iowa; Drake Hetland, Oona Hinders, Braxton Jones, James O’Neal, John O’Neal, Gracie Relph, Adrie Stecker, Jace Storey and Allison Vierkant, Spirit Lake, Iowa; Cameron Hart and Kendall Umscheid, Terril, Iowa.

Area students named to the Iowa Lakes Community College fall 2022 dean’s list, which required a 3.25 GPA or higher, included Cassie Hinshaw, Arnolds Park, Iowa; Ariel Rivera, Brewster; Grace Kilian, Heron Lake; Austin Lyons and Caleb Rubitschung, Jackson; Lucas Gunderson and Alex Heikens, Lake Park, Iowa; Thea De Boer, Little Rock, Iowa; Nicholas Baker, Austin Erickson, Sophia Sires and Justin Vaughn, Milford, Iowa; Madison Otto and Justin Prochnow, Ocheyedan, Iowa; Jed Meyer, Rock Rapids, Iowa; Rubin Charles, Victoria Cusick, Erikka Duhn, Devan Dunn, Kory Fisher, Emma Jerge, Kristen Kuiper, Owen McKim, Jacob Meyer, Tate Paullin, Nicodemus Pitsilos, Brent Scott, Jay Smith and Ethan Stucker, Spirit Lake, Iowa; Ashley Cooke, Gabe Neilsen and Matthew Olson, Terril, Iowa.

Kalea Appel, Worthington, was named to the fall 2022 dean’s list at Belmont University, which required a GPA of 3.5 or better.


Area students named to the fall 2022 dean’s list at Iowa State University, which required a GPA of at least 3.50, included Tyler Adams and John Gidley, Arnolds Park, Iowa; Lexie Merley and Anessa Schoo, Ashton, Iowa; Abigail Hibma, Brewster; Keanna Postma, Doon, Iowa; Cole Boltjes and Hannah Kruse, Ellsworth; Kilyn Forbes, Harris, Iowa; Andraya Bahnson, Allyson Beninga, Anna Lee, Lydia Lee, Reece Suter and Dolan Van De Stroet, Inwood, Iowa; Jocelyn Ehret, Blake Gunderson, Ryan Vermulm and Savanna Wuebker, Lake Park, Iowa; Sofia Place Stumpf, Lakefield; Megan Blauwet and Mallorie Mogler, Larchwood, Iowa; Jesse Castillo, May City, Iowa; Alex McDougall, Melvin, Iowa; Jacob Bockman, Bradenn Droegmiller, Alli Harms, Daniel Hoerichs, Ashley Kleve, Kristin Nelson, Kaylee Parsons and Mason Vander Pol, Milford, Iowa; Olivia Christians, Mountain Lake; Benjamin Otto, Ocheyedan, Iowa; Tyler Kriener, Okoboji, Iowa; Carley Bontje, Beau Daniels, Adam Knoblock, Kyla Kruger, Farrah Lewis, Devin Miller, Jay Waagmeester and Brevin Witt, Rock Rapids, Iowa; Tristan Thier, Rushmore; Claire Hoppe, Elouise Huls, Hannah Huls, Ryan Nasers, Carter Norgaard, Amy Truckenmiller and Charley Zylstra, Sibley, Iowa; Ashlee Boelter, Cail Donkersloot, Brianna Dreeszen, Jennifer Dykema, Coral Elser, Rachel Elser, Mikayla Farmer, Zachary Garnmeister, Greta Goodlaxson, Gavin Harms, Connor Jensen, Kacey Krieger, Keira McCoy, Madison Meyer, Cheyenne Minniss, Elsie Parriott, Jacob Poncelet, Ben Schmitz, Gavin Siemers, Abigail Stucker and Adam Wicks, Spirit Lake, Iowa; Thomas Sell, Storden; Jenna Hoffman and Margaret Putnam, Worthington.

The Minnesota West women's basketball team held together in the second half to protect a lead and defeat a strong Riverland team, 77-70, in Worthington on Wednesday
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“With just one student, it was a little challenging,” Tarus said. “... the harvest was a little rough.”
It's been a struggle for the Minnesota West men's basketball team this winter, but coach Brian Stoebner's Bluejays keep plugging away

Area students named to the fall 2022 dean’s list at Buena Vista University, which required a 3.5 GPA or better, included MacKenzie Beyer and Andrea Leusink, Sibley, Iowa; Kallie Chapa, Ashton, Iowa; Emma Chase, Rock Rapids, Iowa; Emma Fuerstenberg, Wilmont; Ashley Hout and Paige Hout, Ocheyedan; Tess Rockman, Rushmore; Ashley Stueven, George, Iowa; and Haley Wieck, Edgerton.

Cade Metzger, Larchwood, Iowa, and Zachary Springer, Rock Rapids, Iowa, were named to the fall 2022 president’s list at the University of Iowa, which required a 4.0 GPA.

Myles Master, George, Iowa, and Monte Pottebaum, Larchwood, Iowa, earned Bachelor of Arts degrees at the University of Iowa recently.

The school district’s initial request, which dates back two years, was that the watershed have no more than 20 acres of the property for a retention pond.
“I want you to be very creative,” resident artist Bobbie Alsgaard Lien told Brienna Bahl’s class of first-grade students Thursday. “You’re artists now!”
Mahoney was named Education Minnesota Worthington’s Teacher of the Year in May 2022.

Area students named to the fall 2022 dean’s list at the University of Iowa included Carter Boyega, Ellsworth; Dalten Bremer, Elliott Croatt and Allyson Meinders, Sibley, Iowa; Myles Master, George, Iowa; Cade Metzger, Larchwood, Iowa; Dakota Peters, Ashton, Iowa; and Zachary Springer, Rock Rapids, Iowa.

Allison Letcher, Windom, was named to the fall 2022 dean’s list at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, which required a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Brent Hokeness, Rushmore, was named to the fall 2022 dean’s list at Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota, which required a 3.5 GPA or better.

Area students named to the spring 2022 dean’s list at the University of Iowa included Dalten Bremer and Elliott Croatt, Sibley, Iowa; Abdulla Elbuytari, Harris, Iowa; Pilar Guadarrama, Ashton, Iowa; Dylan Kruger, Rock Rapids, Iowa; and Dakota Peters, Ashton, Iowa.


Area students named to the fall 2022 dean’s list at North Dakota State University, which required a 3.50 GPA or higher, included Lauren Tatge, Beaver Creek; Massen Kunerth, Brewster; Mckenna Dockter, Comfrey; Nolan Buckridge, Edgerton; Azalea Benjamin and Abagail Turner, Jackson; Olivia Osgerby and Kaleb Sydnes, Lakefield; Elise Ferrell and Jacey Smith, Luverne; Braden Rempel, Mountain Lake; Delaney Drey, Olivia Lapthorn, Jacob Morgan and Jonathan Tinklenberg, Pipestone; Carter Kresko and Ryanna Schreier, Slayton; and Kara Thuringer, Worthington.

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