Changes coming for WGTN Cable TV-3

Transition to occur July 1.

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Worthington High School. Tim Middagh / The Globe
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WORTHINGTON — Changes are ahead for WGTN Cable TV-3 on July 1. Channel 3 has been operating under a joint powers board with the City of Worthington being the fiscal agent and responsible for staffing.

This will change on July 1, when staffing, operations, financials, technology oversight and other tasks will be covered by District 518.

Technology, as it evolves, is ever changing. Local cable channels are adapting to those changes. The work done by the staff of Channel 3 will also change to reflect the advancement of social media, video boards, webpages and more. Recorded broadcasts from your local church service will still be played on Channel 3, but may also be available on the WGTN Cable TV-3 website in the future.

One of the new areas we are exploring is using video recorded footage on video athletic scoreboards. And, we could see some drone footage spotlighting our community, schools, students and community members. It is our hope that more videos of events or topics are used on more than just one media channel.

It may take us a bit to get things to where we want them, so we ask for patience as we learn more about each other and make changes. With that said, we will still have coverage of school board meetings, city council meetings, church services and more. They still will be a part of our mission moving forward.


We hope to work closely with school personnel who are educating our district’s students in video production, graphics work, journalism and interviewing skills to possibly use some of those finished products in some form as well.

We are excited to have Kelly Reeves continue as an employee, and welcome Randy Davis and Sam Martin to the crew. District 518’s Technology Director, Amy Ernst, will be responsible for ordering and maintaining the equipment and HR requirements. District 518’s Public Relations and Communications Coordinator, Anne Foley, will lead efforts to update the website, work on social media content and coordinate stories and other future content.

If you are interested in having something added to the services provided, please reach out to one of us and share your ideas. We appreciate the collaboration of the City of Worthington and District 518 Schools to provide this necessary and beneficial services for all to enjoy and learn from.

Thank you for the past support of WGTN Cable TV-3 and its services. Get ready for some new and fun initiatives!

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