COVID-19 vaccination event provides resources and information in Worthington

The event will take place Friday and Saturday at 230 Clary Street, outside the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Worthington.

Outside a mobile vaccination bus, WellShare employee Evan Curtain provides information on the COVID-19 vaccine and other local resources on Friday, May 20.
Outside a mobile vaccination bus, WellShare employee Evan Curtain provides information on the COVID-19 vaccine and other local resources on Friday, May 20.
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WORTHINGTON — Outside of the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Worthington, a Minnesota Department of Health bus has set up shop in the parking lot, functioning as a mobile vaccination center during the two-day resource fair.

Gay and bisexual men had once been barred from donating blood due to HIV concerns. After easing the restrictions over time, the FDA may significantly ease the restrictions once again to expand the donor-eligible population.
When Avera Worthington Specialty Clinic closed its surgical center on the third floor of its Ryan’s Road facility, it created space for home health and hospice services that were previously provided by Avera’s Sibley, Iowa program.
Students have even gotten the vaping devices smaller by removing some of the elements and using a stripped cellphone charging cord to charge them, meaning a vape device could be just an inch long.

Starting at 10 a.m. on Friday and 8 a.m. on Saturday, first, second and booster shots of
the COVID-19 vaccine will be available until 5 p.m.

Anyone age five or older is welcome, and the first 200 people to receive their vaccination will be given a $50 purchase card. An informational booth has also been set up at the site, along with a food truck.

“Our goal here is really just to provide access to a community that traditionally is pretty marginalized and doesn't have a lot of access to vaccines,” said Evan Curtain, a director with WellShare. “Our whole mission is to find gaps in service and provide a solution.”

Coinciding with the Guatemalan Consulate event taking place next door, organizers were hopeful they would be able to draw additional interest to the vaccination event, which was made possible by the involvement of local non-profit Seeds of Justice, the University of Minnesota, and groups such as Acer and Wellshare, along with the Minnesota Department of Health.


Rosa Perez, an MDH event manager, has already helped with two other vaccination events in St. Paul this week, doing community outreach. She’s traveled all over the state doing similar events, sometimes on the bus, in homeless shelters or children’s clinics.

“We travel everywhere,” Perez said. “I think that’s where the governor did a really good job giving help and support, especially to communities that don’t have as accessible resources.”

The council met Thursday afternoon for a special session to talk about the city's 2023 budget.
Three individuals recently sentenced in criminal cases previously reported on by The Globe.
“The facts of this case are gut-wrenching,” stated Nobles County Attorney, Joe Sanow, in a press release.
Encarnacion is scheduled to make his initial court appearance Dec. 6.
Charges originated following an Oct. 27 traffic stop.
Three individuals are charged with felony drug sale, possession and transporting a controlled substance across state lines.
Change in council meeting time, meeting compensation also discussed.
Wells is charged with second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, threats of violence, and a misdemeanor count of domestic assault.
Alonso Martinez was arrested Nov. 12.
The incident occurred on Oct. 30 in George, Iowa.

Depending on the area and interest, Perez said she’s seen these events hit highs and lows, sometimes having over 60 people come in for shots in the span of two hours. Over the course of Worthington’s two-day event though, she’s hopeful they’ll be able to reach at least 100 people.

“We have a wide range of resources in our team,” said Perez, noting that it is important to send out representatives who are capable of connecting with the communities they’re going into and are able to address the concerns of different groups of people while providing educational information about COVID-19.

Those looking to participate in the vaccination event can go here to register for an appointment.

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