Emergency Services: March 18, 2022

For incidents reported March 15 through March 18.

Emergency Services
Emergency Services
Tim Middagh / The Globe


The program on frontline worker pay at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Worthington was hosted by UFCW Local 663. The program host was omitted from Wednesday’s print edition story.


3:53 p.m. Tuesday: suicidal threat, 1400 block of South Shore Drive, Worthington.

3:50 p.m. Thursday: ambulance request, 1800 block of 161st Street, Luverne.


9:31 p.m. Thursday: request for ambulance, 900 block of 13th Street, Worthington.


WPD: crash without injuries, 8:21 p.m. Tuesday, 1400 block of Darling Drive.

WPD: crash without injuries, 8:35 a.m. Tuesday, 1200 block of Clary Street.

WPD: crash with injuries, 6:56 a.m. Thursday, Oxford Street and McMillan Street.

WPD: crash without injuries, 3:41 p.m. Friday, 1700 block of Minnesota 60.


5:41 a.m. Thursday: barn fire, 2200 block of 200th Avenue, Edgerton.



NCSO: child protection, Tuesday, Rushmore.

WPD: K-9 sniff, 10:18 a.m. Tuesday, Worthington.

WPD: domestic assault no contact order violation, 2:28 p.m. Tuesday, 2500 block of Fox Farm Road.

WPD: theft, 5:57 p.m. Tuesday, 1500 block of Oxford Street.

WPD: criminal sexual conduct, 6:38 p.m. Tuesday, Worthington.

WPD: van on blocks parking violation, 7:45 a.m. Wednesday, Worthington.

WPD: school bus stop arm violation, 8:51 a.m. Wednesday, Worthington.


WPD: scams, 4:49 p.m. Wednesday, 1500 block of Clary Street.

WPD: scam, 4:50 p.m. Wednesday, 700 block of Betty Avenue.

WPD: threats, 8:40 p.m. Wednesday, 2100 block of Cecilee Street.

Rock County Sheriff’s Office: disturbing the peace, 11:54 p.m. Wednesday, 700 block of North Estey Street.

Rock County Sheriff’s Office: theft, 2:58 p.m. Thursday, 100 block of South Ross Street, Hardwick.

WPD: threats, 5:19 p.m. Thursday, 2100 block of Nobles Street.

WPD: identity theft, 8:58 p.m. Thursday, 1500 block of Collegeway.

WPD: disorderly, 9:46 p.m. Thursday, 1500 block of Grand Avenue.

Rock County Sheriff’s Office: stolen checks used at location, 10:23 a.m. Friday, 1000 block of North Blue Mound Avenue.

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