Governor candidate petitions for signatures in Worthington

Gabrielle Prosser hopes to enter the race as a candidate for the Socialist Workers Party.

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WORTHINGTON — The Socialists Workers Party came to Worthington on Monday to collect signatures for Gabrielle Prosser of Independence, who hopes to gain a spot in the 2022 governor’s race as a minor party candidate.

“We need 2,000 signatures from people who live in the state, and we have two weeks to get them,” Prosser explained. The petitioning period is open from May 17 to 31, and with a handful of days left, Prosser is still looking to secure several hundred signatures.

At 26 years old, Prosser is relatively new to the world of politics, having gotten involved with SWP in 2020 — but she’s been a member of the working class for long before that, having worked in restaurants and coffee shops, and now a candy factory where she’s a union member.

“Sentiment, I think, for unions is high but support for workers who are fighting isn’t, necessarily,” said Prosser. “That’s why we put a lot of emphasis on supporting workers…we need our own labor party that can contend for political power.”

Ensuring the solidarity of the working class, fighting for jobs, and protecting against inflation are a few of the SWP’s priorities, Prosser noted, citing the importance of establishing a party that contends for the interests of working-class individuals and providing candidates that fight for those interests.


“We feel like we've already won by getting out and reaching out to people across the state.”

The filing period for Nov. 8 general elections, like the governor’s race, ends May 31.

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