KTD: 50 years of Paycheck race teams

Worthington's race team has been more successful.

2022 Paycheck Race Team
2022 Paycheck race team members include Jason Johnson (from left), Dawn Teerink, Genny McCuen and Doug Tate.
We are part of The Trust Project.

1973: Lew Hudson, Jim Hvistendal, Jim Wychor, A.J. Terrones, Dennis Van Beest.
1974: A.J. Terrones, Dennis Van Beest, Jim Wychor.
1975: Lew Hudson, Tom Koppy, A.J. Terrones.
1976: Daryl Standafer, A.J. Terrones, Dan Johnson.

Any resident within the city of Worthington can apply to get a nutritious, balanced meal delivered to their door. Both regular and special diet meals, such as salt-free or diabetic, are available.
Mahoney was named Education Minnesota Worthington’s Teacher of the Year in May 2022.
Jenson will be invited to a recognition banquet in March and League officials will announce the four statewide Triple A Award winners at that time.

1977: Wayne Freese, Dan Johnson, Claire Gerber.
1978: Claire Gerber, Rich Pederson, Neil Roberts.
1979: Lonnie Lien, Rich Pederson, Neil Roberts.
1980: Ron Heard, Jon Benson, Lonnie Lien.
1981: Diane Child, Rod Heard, Milt Jorgenson.
1982: Bob Petrich, Larry Duke, Eldon Rance.
1983: Bob Petrich, Jerry Fiola, LeRoy Merkel, Tom Anderson.
1984: Jan Dybevick, Tim Aker, Larry Haugen, Sheila Pederson.
1985: Tim Aker, Kris Westerlund, Dale Jensen, Sheila Pederson.
1986: LeRoy Merkel, Kris Westerlund, Dave Carlson, Terry Reishus.
1987: Claire Gerber, Dave Carlson, Tom Koppy, Darlene Macklin.
1988: Jon Benson, Darlene Macklin, Terry Franklin, Gary Hoffmann.
1989: Bill Gerstner, Terry Franklin, Kris Tutje, Dave Jueneman.
1990: Gary Hoffmann, Andy Noll, Lee Hain, Kris Tutje.
1991: Bruce Viessman, Rick Duellman (sub), Pat Henkels, Lee Hain, Jerry Eykyn.
1992: Joel Krekelberg, Pat Henkels, Brian Kolander, Scott Hain.

Louis and Cyril Keller are the inventors of the Bobcat skid-steer loader and were selected as 2023 inductees into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.
Leadership takes honest reflection and thinking about the needs of others, Jenny Schlecht writes. With that in mind, do we have the right leaders to get a new farm bill passed by Sept. 30?
Among other items, a Minnesota soybean leader said the Port of Duluth is still a major factor for success for the state and the country.

1993: Scott Hain, Karen Fury, Winora Hallstrom, Bob Demuth.
1994: Karen Fury, Vern Behrends, Alan Oberloh, Dave Jueneman.
1995: Vern Behrends, Alan Oberloh, Marcia Anton, Pat Remme.
1996: Pam Hain, Pat Remme, Kevin Lease, Doug Wasmund.
1997: Jeff Rotert, Doug Wasmund, Brenda Hurlbut, Kevin Lease.
1998: Beth Namanny, Brenda Hurlbut, Matt Oleske, Bryan Hagen.
1999: Steve Busch, Matt Oleske, Bryan Hagen, Lori Grafing.
2000: Mike Woll, Scott Anderson, Marshelle Jorgenson, Nancy Johnson.
2001: Pat Remme, Scott Anderson, Mick Eggers, Nancy Johnson.
2002: Kami Lease, Mick Eggers, Paul Larson, Kari Meyer.
2003: Scott Anderson, Kari Meyer, Paul Larson, Terry Eggers.
2004: Terry Eggers, Bruce Kness, Teresa Rotert, Brad Behrends.
2005: Mark Ruesch, Bruce Kness, Teresa Rotert, Jim Von Holtum.
2006: Cindy DeGroot, Jim Von Holtum, Diane Dybevick, Larry Iten.

"(Tests) provide us much more than just a score for the state as the district utilizes these scores for a variety of things."
Sunlight reflected off the snow behind them in a shimmer of brilliant orange and gold.
Professional researcher Debbie Boe will give an introduction to family history research for new genealogists.

2007: Cindy DeGroot, Larry Iten, Matt Widboom, Chad Cummings.
2008: Chad Cummings, Jim Henning, Jodi Almberg, Matt Widboom.
2009: Jodi Almberg, Tammy Anderson, Jim Henning, Paul Larson.
2010: Tammy Anderson, Chris Heinrichs, Diane Schettler, Jesse Teerink.
2011: Diane Schettler, Vida Iten, Mike Fury, Jesse Teerink.
2012: Mike Fury, Jami Cummings, Amanda Walljasper, Pete Suby.
2013: Jami Cummings, Amanda Walljasper-Tate, Brian Almberg, Jason Vote.
2014: Jason Vote, Kevin Prins, Pete Suby, Dan Huls.
2015: Ashley Goettig, Dan Huls, Susanne Murphy, Kevin Prins.
2016: Susanne Murphy, Ashley Goettig, Diane Remakel, Kirk Feit.
2017: Kirk Feit, Diane Remakel, Mike Phillips, Wade Roesner.
2018: Wade Roesner, Mike Phillips, Chad Nixon, Jaime Salinas.
2019: Jamie Salinas, Terri Odell, Chad Nixon, Kelly Eggers.
2020-2021: Genny McCuen, Terri Odell, Kelly Eggers and Doug Tate.
2022: Jason Johnson, Dawn Teerink, Doug Tate and Genny McCuen.

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