KTD: Ruby Begonia race teams through the years

Cuero, Texas teams have the second-fastest turkey in the land -- historically speaking.

Cuero 50th race team.jpg
The 2022 Cuero, Texas Race Team includes Coach Trent Kainer (from left), Captain Joel Hilburn and Handlers ShaNon Henson and Butch Prause.
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1973: Ken Long, Bob Perkins, Jack Harstsell.
1974: Lias Bubba Steen, Barry Wineinger, Phil Ernster.
1975: Lias Bubba Steen, Alan Kahlich, Sherre Ernster.
1976: Alan Kahlich, Captain, Lias Bubba Steen, Bill Blackwell.

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“They’re totally new. They’re sophomores, they’ve never competed in BPA.”

1977: Bill Blackwell, Jack Calk, Mary C. Kahlich
1978: Jack Calk, Mary C. Kahlich, Bob Hesse.
1979: Bob Hesse, Jim Voelkel, Mike Milberry.
1980: Jack Calk, Mike Milberry, Jim Voelkel, Jim Conrad.
1981: Mike Milberry, Jim Conrad, C.L. Duckett, Bucky Sager.
1982: Alan Kahlich, C.L. Duckett, Bucky Sager, Ann Mary Vaughn.
1983: Burns McAlister, Ann Mary Vaughn, Davis Kainer, Jay Bramlette.
1984: Burns McAlister, Davis Kainer, Jay Bramlette, B.J. White.
1985: Davis Kainer, B.J. White, Butch Prause.
1986: Davis Kainer, Butch Prause, Robert Farris, Les Rabke.
1987: B.J. White, Les Rabke, Jan Roberts, Albert Jahnsen.
1988: C.L. Duckett, Jan Roberts, Albert Jahnsen, Jack Calk.
1989: Butch Prause, Jack Calk, Clarence Wessels, Fred White.
1990: Butch Prause, Clarence Wessels, Fred White, Helen Bulgerin.
1991: Les Rabke, Helen Bulgerin, Charlotte Henry, Jim Hargrove.
1992: Charlotte Henry, Brett Duckett, Neal Lapp, Glenn Rea.
1993: Fred White, Brett Duckett, Neal Lapp, Susan Prause.
1994: Jay Bramlette, Susan Prause, Donald Hoy, Rick Wheeler.
1995: Brett Duckett, Donald Hoy, Leslie Voelkel, Corlis Riedesel.

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Rod Burkard now has the opportunity to compete in August at the national event in Pennsylvania.

1996: Brett Duckett, Leslie Voelkel, Tony Allen, Kay Lapp
1997: Rick Wheeler, Kay Lapp, Clay Pullin, Phil Grandjean.
1998: Neal Lapp, Clay Pullin, Laura Duckett, Annette Rath.
1999: Annette Rath, Laura Duckett, Tommy Isenberg, Arthur Velasquez.
2000: Cynthia Martin, Tommy Isenberg, Sandy White, Ronnie Binz.
2001: Susan Prause, Sandy White, Joe Adams, Ronnie Binz.
2002: Erwin Rath, Tony Allen, Tim Riedesel, Diana Blank.
2003: Stacy Cordes, Tim Riedesel, Ty Whitfield, Bill Hickey.
2004: Clay Pullin, Stacy Cordes, Johhny Dietze, Ty Whitfield.
2005: Jason Rogers, Erwin Rath Jr., Lloyd Copeland, Rhonda Hudson.
2006: Leslie Voelkel Campos, Lloyd Copeland, Jamie Wright, Phyllis Foulds.
2007: Jamie Wright, Debra Baros, Roxanne Hanselka, Erik McCowan.
2008: Roxanne Hanselka, Erik McCowan, Terri Warwas, Jode Zavesky.
2009: Terri Warwas, Brittany Garza, Glenn Mutchler, Jason Rogers.
2010: Jason Rogers, Cory Thamm, Dawn Draper, Bobby Phillips.
2011: Bobby Phillips, Greg Nemec, Amy Crain, Linda Nemec.
2012: Greg Nemec, Linda Nemec, Clayton Lantz, Richard Weber.
2013: Clayton Lantz, Terri Warwas, Clint Clark, Mary Beth Finney.
2014: Clint Clark, Kristie Tieken, Michael Ruschaupt, Bill Matthys.
2015: Anthony Netardus, Brenda Martin, Michael Ruschaupt, Laura Patek.
2016: Brenda Martin, Keith Goebel, Ken Klimitchek, Brittany Garza.
2017: Keith Goebel, Denise Goebel, Jimmy Martin, Angie Cuellar.
2018: Laura Patek, Kenneth Schley, Kristie Tieken, James Rath.
2019: Kennth Schley, Clayton Lantz, James Rath.
2020-2021: Tiffany Hilburn, Brady Boehl, James Rath, Angie Cuellar.
2022: Trent Kainer, Joel Hilburn, ShaNon Henson and Butch Prause.

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