Murray County Election Results

The unofficial results of Murray County's elections from Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022.

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Murray County election results

Murray County — With all 29 precincts reporting, Murray County election results are as follows:

County Auditor/Treasurer: Heidi E. Winter, 3,573

County Recorder: Karen L. Brown, 3482

County Sheriff: Heath Landsman, 3,521


County Attorney: Travis J. Smith, 3,271

Commissioner Dist. 3: Dennis Welgraven, 627

Commissioner Dist. 4: Jackie Meier, 503; Blake Heronimus, 339

Soil and Water Supervisor Dist. 1: Paul Posthuma, 3,468

Soil and Water Supervisor Dist. 2: Gary Brinks, 2,987

Avoca Mayor: Barb Kirchner, 45

Avoca Council (Elect 2): Philip Olson, 42; John Larsen, 42

Chandler Mayor: Don Vogel, 80


Chandler Council (Elect 2): LeRoy Buys, 67; Robert Van Der Linden, 71

Chanlder Special City Council Election: Sharon Staab, 74

Currie Mayor: Eugene Short, 62

Currie Council (Elect 2): Shirley Hames, 43; William A. Olivier Jr., 39; Robin Lange, 18; Darrell A. Gleason, 45; Thomas Noerenberg, 14

Currie Council Special Election: Elizabeth Schreier, 60; Staci Birt, 11; Alyson Birt, 10

Dovray Mayor: Tanlee Noomen, 28

Dovray Council (Elect 2): Tanya Anderson, 22; Angela Cohrs, 9; Anne Woelber, 30

Dovray Council Special Election: Wyatt Peschges, 31


Fulda Mayor: Chad Ouellette, 277; Jeremy P. Winters, 229

Fulda Council (Elect 2): Ann Witzel, 392; James G. Elsing, 403

Hadley Mayor: Richard Like, 30

Hadley Council (Elect 2): John Brouwer, 28; Bonnie Petersen, 33

Holly Twsp. Supervisor Seat B: Dale E. Desmith, 49

Holly Twsp. Treasurer: Gary Kassel, 49

Iona Mayor: Joe Carlson, 54; write-in, 4

Iona Council (Elect 2): Kevin Doppenberg, 40; write-in, 52

Lake Wilson Mayor: Michael Chapman, 110; write-in,2

Lake Wilson Council (Elect 2): Kyle Carlson, 100; Justin Berreau, 103; write-in, 3

Mason Twsp. Supervisor Seat A: George M. Andert, 133; write-in, 1

Mason Twsp. Clerk: Laurie Jensen, 133; write-in, 4

Slayton Mayor: Miron Carney, 521; Judy Onken LaBoda, 319; write-in 4

Slayton Council (Elect 2): Dean Ackerman, 713; Kate Harmsen, 625; write-in, 5

Katherine A. Harmsen: 707

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