Rural Comfrey farm in Kleinow family for 122 years

The Watonwan River flows through a portion of the property.

Open soybean field at sunset.
Open soybean field at sunset.Soybean field .
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COMFREY — Henrich “Henry” Kleinow was born in Steffenshagen, Mecklenburg, Germany, and, like many other young men in his homeland, was lured to the United States by the prospect of land and the ability to farm.

The roundtable discussion with producers and conservation groups focused on the environmental programs in the expansive legislation, such as the Conservation Reserve Program. A new farm bill is set to be negotiated throughout next year.
Cases of fraud or alleged fraud have caused uncertainty and mistrust among some consumers in an industry that relies largely on the honesty of producers, processors and packagers to maintain the integrity of the industry.
Youth showcased their skills as crop scouts by identifying weeds, insects, forages and plant diseases as well by identifying the growth stages of corn and soybeans.

Kleinow found that land in northeastern Cottonwood County, purchasing a 120-acre parcel southwest of Comfrey in Section 17 of Selma Township. The Watonwan River flows through a portion of the property.

On Feb. 10, 1900, Kleinow purchased the property from August Klein. A barn was built that first year.

Henry remained the farm’s owner until 1944, when it was taken over by his son, Walter Kleinow. Three years later, in 1947, the land transitioned to another of Henry’s sons, Albert. Albert Kleinow was the farm’s owner until 1967, when it then transferred to his son, Raymond Kleinow.

Raymond Kleinow, who resides in Burnsville, said the farm now produces corn and soybeans.

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