Worthington man charged for additional prostitution and criminal sexual conduct crimes

Rodriguez-Talavera is facing similar charges for a Jan. 28 incident, where he was also charged with engaging in prostitution.

Mugshot of Cristian Rodriguez-Talavera
Cristian Rodriguez-Talavera

WORTHINGTON — A 31-year-old Worthington man is charged with attempting to hire someone under the age of 18 for sex, a felony-level offense, after a Jan. 22 incident within the city of Worthington.

Cristian Damir Rodriguez-Talavera, who already faces similar charges stemming from a separate Jan. 28 incident, is also facing a count of fifth degree criminal sexual conduct for nonconsensual sexual conduct, a gross misdemeanor.

On Jan. 22, Worthington Police Officers were dispatched to a local motel upon a report of trafficking. During an interview in a private room, the victim stated to the officer that three men — two of whom the victim had known before and Rodriguez-Talavera — had picked up the victim from Luverne and hung out in Worthington for the day.

The men told the victim they were out of gas and didn’t want to drive back to Luverne, and asked to get a hotel room for everyone. After securing a room, the two other men left, leaving the victim alone with Rodriguez-Talavera. According to the report, Rodriguez-Talavera offered the victim $220 to have sex, which the victim declined. Rodriguez-Talavera began to touch the victim and remove their clothes. The victim again said no and told him to stop.

The victim then asked to go back to Rodriguez-Talavera’s place. He agreed and the victim was able to get dressed. Rodriguez-Talavera received a phone call, and the victim left the room calmly, before breaking into a run once the door was closed. The victim found a man in the hallway and asked for help.


When the officer spoke with the man, he described the victim as “frantic” and said it appeared as though she was being chased. He instructed the victim to go into the bathroom and sent his girlfriend in to speak with the victim.

The victim described Rodriguez-Talavera’s appearance to the officer, which was then used to identify Rodriguez-Talavera in the video footage from the motel. Another officer identified Rodriguez-Talavera based on the ID card he used to check into the motel.

If convicted, Rodriguez-Talavera faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine on the charge of prostitution, as well as a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment and/or a $3,000 fine for the fifth degree criminal sexual conduct charge. His bail was set at $10,000 with all conditions met. His initial court appearance is scheduled for Feb. 8.

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