Worthington man 'too intoxicated' to give statement during arrest

Artemio Agustin-Coronado is charged with felony threats of violence, misdemeanor domestic assault, and giving a peace officer a false name.

Mugshot of dark-haired man in a orange shirt, Artemio Agustin-Coronado.
Artemio Agustin-Coronado<br/>

WORTHINGTON — Artemio Agustin-Coronado, 50, of Worthington, is charged with a felony-level count of threats of violence with intent to terrorize, as well as two misdemeanor counts of domestic assault and giving a peace officer a false name.

The charges are the result of an alleged altercation on Feb. 7, when Worthington Police Officers were dispatched to a Worthington residence on a report of a disorderly involving an intoxicated male with a knife. The male was later identified as Agustin-Coronado.

Officers knew Agustin-Coronado was dropped off at home by officers about an hour before the call, due to having been found intoxicated and passed out at the post office. During that interaction, Agustin-Coronado had reportedly given officers the name, “Reynaldo Alvarez.” While speaking with family members at the residence, officers determined this was not Agustin-Coronado’s real name.

At the residence, officers made contact with Agustin-Coronado and detained him due to the report that he had a knife. Officers then spoke with other occupants of the residence, who stated Agustin-Coronado had become agitated after being dropped off by officers earlier in the night.

Agustin-Coronado reportedly began throwing objects around the house. Several family members left the property due to past interactions that had reportedly ended in violence, and others locked themselves in a downstairs room for fear of Agustin-Coronado.


According to one of the victims, Agustin-Coronado attempted to get into the locked room and stated he had a knife and would hit the victim once he got in. Another victim stated they heard Agustin-Coronado scraping the knife down the door from the outside. Officers observed the bedroom door to have sustained damage, though no knife was found.

While officers spoke to residents who had stayed at the house, another victim arrived. An officer received a statement from the victim stating that Agustin-Coronado had thrown things at them, but had missed. The victim also said the defendant raised his hand like he was going to hit the victim and threatened to kill them.

Agustin-Coronado provided a preliminary breath test with a result of .272 breath alcohol concentration. Officers did not attempt to speak with the Agustin-Coronado due to his level of intoxication. He was arrested and transported to the Prairie Justice Center where he was booked and held pending a court appearance. Bail with conditions was set for $20,000. Agustin-Coronado is scheduled to make his initial court appearance on Feb. 22.

If convicted, Agustin-Coronado faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and or a $10,000 fine for the charge of threats of violence. Both domestic assault charges carry a maximum sentence of 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine as does the charge of giving a peace officer a false name.

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