Man charged with multiple counts of assault after reportedly pouring boiling water on victim

A warrant has been issued for McCoy, address unknown, after reportedly inflicting great bodily harm on the victim.

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WINDOM — Alondre McCoy, 29, has been charged with first and third degree assault for reportedly inflicting great and substantial bodily harm upon a victim earlier this month in Windom. A warrant has been issued for McCoy, whose address is unknown.

On Jan. 7, a Windom police officer was contacted about a medical call that had occurred the previous day. The medical call was related to a burn incident and the victim wished to speak to an officer and make a report about what happened.

The victim stated she had gotten into a fight with McCoy and hadn’t told the officer responding to the medical call the truth, due to being afraid of McCoy.

The victim arrived at the Law Enforcement Center to speak with the officer wearing a head covering, sunglasses and face covering. The victim had been in a long-term relationship with McCoy and stated that he had stayed over at the victim's apartment several days prior. During that time, the water heater in the apartment had gone out. The victim was heating water on the stove top to wash dishes when an argument broke out with McCoy.

The victim went into the bathroom. McCoy followed and took the victim's phone before leaving the apartment. He returned between 30 minutes and an hour later, still upset.


According to the report, when McCoy came back, he grabbed the victim by the collar before pushing her. A physical altercation broke out between the two, in which McCoy and the victim exchanged blows. McCoy then reportedly poured the hot water from the stove onto the victim’s head. The victim went and stood in the shower under cold water.

The victim asked McCoy to call an ambulance. McCoy asked multiple times if he was going to jail. The victim said she wouldn’t say what happened. McCoy then called for an ambulance and told the dispatcher the victim had been cooking, spilled something and got burned.

After speaking, the victim showed the officer her injuries. The victim had bandages on her head to cover burns and missing skin. The victim's eyes were puffy and swollen, and the victim indicated difficulty with reading.

If convicted, McCoy will face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for the first degree assault, and/or a $30,000 fine. The third degree assault charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, and/or a $10,000 fine.

The Southwest Crisis Center is available in our community to support and empower survivors of sexual and domestic violence. For questions about services or how you can help, contact the Southwest Crisis Center at 1-800-376-4311 or .

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