Man convicted of felony assault charged with stalking, harassment and property damage

Rogers was previously convicted of assault with a dangerous weapon after a 2021 incident involving the same victim and an axe.

Dallas Rogers

COTTONWOOD COUNTY — Butterfield resident Dallas Rogers has been charged with felony level counts of stalking and harassment in Cottonwood County Fifth District Court. Rogers, 29, is also charged with first-degree property damage, another felony offense, for reportedly causing more than $1,000 in damage to victims’ vehicles.

According to the criminal report, Mountain Lake police officers received reports on Jan. 7 and Jan. 8 from the victim, who had received several phone calls from Rogers. During the phone calls, Rogers reportedly made threats against the victim’s boyfriend, and asked questions that made the victim believe Rogers was watching her.

On Jan. 8, after Rogers showed up and parked behind the victim at the gas station, Windom Police officers were informed of the potential harassment issues, due to the victim’s work and boyfriend being located there. Windom police officers made contact with the victim the next day. The victim believed Rogers had called from a restricted number and had driven past the victim’s boyfriend's house multiple times. The victim had recorded some of the phone calls and agreed to go to the police department to discuss it.

Later that night, the victim's boyfriend called and informed the officer that both his and the victim's vehicle tires had been slashed. The officer responded to the residence and observed a truck with four tires deflated and both tail lights broken. The tires had recently been replaced at a cost of $1,300, and the tail light damages were estimated at approximately $1,600. The second vehicle had three tires deflated and damages were estimated to be approximately $600.

After photographing the vehicle damage, the officer interviewed the victim, who attested to previously being in a relationship with Rogers. The relationship ended in January 2021 after Rogers committed second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon against the victim, which Rogers was convicted of last October. Contact was re-established between the victim and Rogers in order to make arrangements for Rogers to retrieve some of his property. However the phone calls reportedly became repetitive and turned threatening, with Rogers using various unknown and blocked numbers to call and message the victim.


During recorded calls and messages, the victim repeatedly asked Rogers to stop, and warned Rogers he could end up in prison. Rogers responded that he'd kill himself before that and then he would mess with the victim from the afterlife. During another call, Rogers reportedly said the police would never get him alive and that his blood would be on the victim's hands.

Shortly before the vehicle damage was discovered, the victim again received a call from Rogers during which he indicated he had been watching the victim and the victim's boyfriend from outside the residence.

A warrant has been issued for Rogers. If he is convicted, he faces a maximum combined sentence of 15 years for the stalking and harassment charges, and/or fines of up to $30,000. The property damage charge carries a penalty of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

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