Membership has its perks


With everything we do, we want to ensure we’re adding value for our members, from producing great content and offering it in a variety of forms to improving our digital products based on your feedback. But, one of the best parts of membership are the Press Pass Membership Perks, available in all of our Forum Communications communities .

So what are Press Pass Membership Perks? They’re the way we reward loyalty with exclusive offers, discounts and opportunities to connect with your community, your local news and the region. Just as we are focusing on covering your local news and creating an exclusive community of subscribers through this membership program, we want to provide you, our loyal members, with opportunities and discounts from area businesses.

How it works

When you sign up as a subscribing member, you automatically get access to your Press Pass Membership Perks. Just log in to your digital account online and look at the benefits tab in your account information to see all the perks available to you. If you’re already logged into your account, you can use this link to see these perks: . And be sure to click on the “Score more deals” button to see all the perks available to you.

For instance, travel can come with it’s ups and downs. And this year, those road trips might take on a new level of planning and logistics. But, your Press Pass membership Perks has you covered with some end-of-summer deals that help you have fun while staying safe. Check out the great deals, discounts and opportunities available to you and your family for being loyal members.

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