Nobles County 4-H’ers compete at Minnesota State Fair

FALCON HEIGHTS -- Dozens of Nobles County 4-H members exhibited projects and livestock at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, which wrapped up Monday in Falcon Heights.

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Karissa Bickett, Worthington, earned reserve champion Spot Gilt at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair. (Special to The Globe)

FALCON HEIGHTS - Dozens of Nobles County 4-H members exhibited projects and livestock at the 2017 Minnesota State Fair, which wrapped up Monday in Falcon Heights.

Following is a list of exhibitors, their projects and ribbon placings:

Beef, Foundation Simmental, junior yearling: Mackenzie Wagner, Red.
Beef, Commercial junior yearling: Emmett Bickett, Red.
Beef, Black Angus, registered spring calf: Madeline Wagner, Purple.

Beef, Black Angus, registered fall calf: Brynn Bullerman, Purple.
Beef, Prospect Steer Calf: Madison Cummings, Blue; Christopher Christians, Blue.
Beef, Market Steer Shorthorn, Registered: Christian Goedtke, Blue.
Beef Steer, Crossbred: Kalvin Ross, Blue; Taylor Ponto, Red

Chef for a Day: Cassidy Madison, Alysha Wieneke, Jessica Darling, Karissa Bickett, Abigail Reetz, Skylar Fisher and Lauren Madison, participation.


Child and Family Development, Grades 6-8: Skylar Fisher, Blue.
Clothes You Make, Grades 6-8: Cheyenna John, Red.
Club Banner: Indian Lake Progressives, Blue.

Community Pride: Grand Prairie Rockets, Joshua Horn, Blue.
Community Pride: Okabena Bees, Alyssa Lira, Blue.

Computer, Grades 9+: Jonathan Horn, Blue.
Crafts, Grades 9+: Anya Hartzler, Blue.
Dairy, Milking Shorthorn fall calf: Austin Henning, Red.

Dairy, Holstein grade winter calf: Karen Dykstra, Red; Jacob Henning, Red.

Dairy, Holstein grade fall calf: Trent Dykstra, Red.

Dairy, Holstein grade summer yearling: Carl Dykstra, Red.

Dairy Goat, Nigerian Dwarf dry yearling doe: Hannah Henning, blue.

Dairy Steer, Purebred: Chad Buntjer, Red.


Electric, Grades 6-8: Tanner Hennings, Blue.
Exploring Animals, Grades 6-8: Hannah Henning, Red.
Exploring Animals, Grades 9+: Kelsey Fuerstenberg, blue; Brittany Lais, Blue.

Fine Arts, Grades 6-8: Alysha Wieneke, Blue.

Fine Arts, Grades 9+: Kendra Frodermann, Blue.
Flower Gardening, Grades 6-8: Joshua Horn, Blue.
Food & Nutrition, Grades 6-8: Karissa Bickett, Blue.
Food Preservation, Grades 6-8: Cassidy Madison, Blue.
Health, Grades 6-8: Lauren Madison, Blue.
Home Environment, Grades 6-8: Abigail Reetz, Blue.
Illustrated presentation: Luke Gordon, Red.

Performing Arts, Grades 9+: Sarah Spieker, Blue.
Photography (Elements), Grades 6-8: Madelyn Kremer, Blue; Faith White, Blue.
Photography (Elements), Grades 9+: Blaine Doeden, Blue
Plant & Soil Science, Grades 9+: Dakota John, Blue.
Potatoes, Grades 9+: Jessica Darling, Blue.
Poultry poster, Grades 6-8: Faith White, Purple.

Rabbit poster, Grades 6-8: Faith White, White.

Rabbit, Mini Rex senior buck: Faith White, Red.
Rabbit, Other Small Breed Senior Doe: Kasey Solma, Red.

Safety, Grades 9+: Beau Loosbrock, Blue.
Science of Animals poster: Jacob Henning, Red.

Self-Determined, Grades 6-8: Ethan Haberman, Blue.
Self-Determined, Grades 9+: Chloe Bents, Blue.
Sheep, commercial black face January ewe lamb: Claire Hoffman, Red.


Sheep, black face ewe lamb: Christine Frodermann, Blue.

Sheep, black face market lamb: Logan Barber, Blue; Paige Madison, Red.
Sheep, black face middleweight market lamb: Corrine Frodermann, Blue
Shooting Sports/Wildlife Management, Grades 6-8: Benjamin Dykema, Blue.
Shop, Grades 6-8: Grant Wieneke, Blue.
Small Engines, Grades 6-8: Jaden Hennings, Purple.
Small Grains & Legumes, Grades 6-8: Jacob Henning, Blue.

Swine, registered Spot February gilt: Karissa Bickett, Reserve Champion Spot Gilt.

Swine, registered Yorkshire February gilt: Kendra Frodermann, Red.

Swine, crossbred January gilt: Cooper McCoy, blue; fourth place breeding gilt showperson, intermediate division.

Swine, crossbred February gilt: Cheyenna John, Red.

Swine, crossbred lightweight market barrow: Kendrick Bickett, Blue; Dawson Frodermann, Blue.

Swine, crossbred middlweight market barrow: Nathan Goedtke, Blue; Riley Widboom, Blue.

Swine, market gilt: Leighton Gehl, Blue; Khloe Gehl, Red; Blake Madison, Red.

Veterinary Science, Grades 9+: Paige Madison, Red.

Water & Wetlands, Grades 9+: Blake Madison, Red.

Wildlife Biology, Grades 6-8: Brody Loosbrock, Red.

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