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Nobles County 4-H'ers earn awards at annual banquet

The Rushmore Central Hustlers hosted the banquet at the Rushmore School.

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RUSHMORE — Nobles County 4-H’ers and supporters were recognized during the Nobles County 4-H program’s annual awards banquet Sunday evening at the Rushmore School.

Outstanding Youth Achievement honors presented during the evening included the Nobles County 4-H Key award, presented to Karissa Bickett of the Elk Tip Toppers. The “I Dare You” award, presented each year to youth leaders who have excelled at the club and county level, were presented to Elk Tip Toppers members Luke Gordon and Riley Widboom, as well as Clovers member Peyton Kilker.

Receiving awards for outstanding leadership interview were Karissa Bickett and Jocelyn Horn of the Grand Prairie Rockets. Meanwhile, Grace Barber of the Elk Tip Toppers was honored as the Outstanding Beginning Youth Leader in her club. Outstanding Youth Leaders in their club were Logan Barber of the Elk Tip Toppers and Jocelyn Horn of the Grand Prairie Rockets.

The Nobles County Friend of 4-H Award was presented to longtime 4-H volunteer Scott Rose, while the Business Friend of 4-H honor went to Bullerman Angus.

Young Achievers honorees included Peyton Kilker, Clovers; and Annika Hietbrink, Elk Tip Toppers.


Scrapbook Awards were presented to the Grand Prairie Rockets 4-H Club (Andy Henning family); and the Rushmore Central Hustlers 4-H Club families.

The evening included recognition for the 2020-21 Federation officers, including Daryan Ossefoort, President; Joshua Horn, Vice-President; Luke Gordon, Treasurer; Faith White, Secretary; and Jocelyn Horn, Leader-At-Large. Also recognized were the 2021-22 Federation Officers: Luke Gordon, President; Joshua Horn, Vice-President; Karissa Bickett, Treasurer; Jocelyn Horn, Secretary; and Quinn Steve, Leader-At-Large.

Scholarships presented during the evening went to Madison Schaefer of the Elk Tip Toppers, earning the Nobles County 4-H scholarship; and Austin Henning and Alysha Wieneke, both of the Grand Prairie Rockets, earning the Andrea Ruesch scholarship.

Awards of Excellence for 4-H records

Cloverbud Record winners: Riley Harberts, Annika Hietbrink, Alex Hoffman, Braxton Lonneman, Kolton Robinson, Leah Schuett and Ava VanderKooi.

Clovers club: Brooke Erwin: Dog, Poultry and Rabbit records. Jasmine Noerenberg: Beef, Crafts and Fine Arts, Photography and Vet Science records.

Elk Tip Toppers: Grace Barber: Goat, Citizenship and Youth Leadership records. Logan Barber: Sheep and Youth Leadership records. Karissa Bickett: Citizenship, Clothes You Buy, Sheep, Swine and Youth Leadership records. Kelsey Fuerstenberg: Dog records. Annika Hietbrink: Child and Family Development, Clothes You Buy, Clothes You Make, Crafts and Fine Arts, Dog Exhibit, Dog, Exploring Animals, Foods, Non-Garment, Performing Arts, Poultry and Rabbits records. Emma Hietbrink: Beef, Clothes You Buy, Clothes You Make, Corn, Crafts and Fine Arts, Foods, Food Preservation, Needle Arts, Non-Garment, Performing Arts, Poultry, Sheep, Soybeans and Swine records.

Grand Prairie Rockets: Austin Henning: Dairy records. Jacob Henning: Dairy records. Whitney Henning: Child and Family Development, Clothes You Buy, Dairy, Foods, Goats, Performing Arts and Rabbit records. Jocelyn Horn: Clothes You Buy, Clothes You Make, Computer, Craft and Fine Arts, Exploring Animals, Food Review, Foods, Non-Garment, Performing Arts, Photography, Quilting and Youth Leadership records. Joshua Horn: Computer, Consumer Education, Illustrated Presentation, Photography, and Weeds and Pests records. Drew Wempen: Photography and Crafts and Fine Arts records. Ella Wempen: Crafts and Fine Arts and Photography records.

Indian Lake Progressives: Dylan Schuett: Sheep records. Leah Schuett: Beef, Crafts and Fine Arts, Sheep and Vet Science records.


Okabena Bees: Tyler Bents: Beef, Foods, Shop and Small Grains records. Riley Harberts: Swine records. Claire Hoffman: Crafts and Fine Arts, Goat, Sheep and Youth Leadership records. Liv Vander Kooi: Child and Family Development, Craft and Fine Arts, Flower Gardening, Foods, Food Review, Food Preservation, Indoor Gardening, Potato and Vegetable Gardening records.

Rushmore Central Hustlers: Izaiah Groenewold: Beef records. Ryan Groenewold: Beef records. Kaitlyn Taylor: Crafts and Fine Arts records. Kaylee Taylor: Crafts and Fine Arts records.

4-H Milestones

Recognized as graduates of the Cloverbud 4-H program were Braxton Lonneman, Lane Larson, Frank Feldman, Dakodah Coquyt. Landon Becker, Jack Behrends, Hadley Fisher, Alex Hoffman, Katyn McCuen, Kelsey Taylor and Bristol Vande Kamp.

Ten completed years of 4-H work: Brynn Bullerman, Grand Prairie Rockets; Skylar Fisher, Indian Lake Progressives; and Riley Widboom, Elk Tip Toppers.

4-H Graduates: Emmett Bickett, Elk Tip Toppers; Kelsey Fuerstenberg, Elk Tip Toppers; Kendra Froderman, Grand Prairie Rockets; and Blake Madison, Grand Prairie Rockets.

Adult Leader recognition

Award of the Pearl Clover (15 Years of Adult Leadership): Kim Lambert and Melanie Wagner.

Award of the Gold Clover (10 Years of Adult Leadership): Sara Barber and Monica Horn.

Award of the Silver Clover (5 Years of Adult Leadership): Brad Baumgartner, Judy Christians, Darren Ponto, Baylee Ross, Dale Ross, Vicky Ross, Lorie White, Matt Widboom, Teresa Widboom and Teresa Wieneke.


2020-2021 Adult Club Leaders: Shawn Noerenberg and Tara Kilker, Clovers; Matt and Teresa Widboom and Kevin and Linda Schaeffer, Elk Tip Toppers; Lorie White and Brad Baumgartner, Graham Lake Braves; Janice Bullerman and Theresa Steve, Grand Prairie Rockets; Dawn Haberman and Laura Schuett, Indian Lake Progressives; Erin Hoffman and Darren Ponto, Okabena Bees; and Chandra Rowland and Rachel Snyder, Rushmore Central Hustlers.

2021-2022 Advisory Board members: Carrie Henning, Lorie White, Alyssa Hietbrink, Stacy Bickett and Paul Haberman.

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