Nobles County Sheriff's Office: Sheriff Kent Wilkening

Q What are the primary responsibilities of the Sheriff's Office? A The Nobles County Sheriff's Office is committed to making Nobles County a safe place for you and your family to live and work.Q What is the mission of the sheriff's office?A The m...

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Sheriff Kent Wilkening

Q What are the primary responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office?
A The Nobles County Sheriff’s Office is committed to making Nobles County a safe place for you and your family to live and work.
Q What is the mission of the sheriff’s office?
A The mission of the Nobles County Sheriff’s Office is to provide a responsive patrol support and an effective investigative division to assist the Nobles County Law Enforcement Community with the Investigation of serious crimes and incidents.
Q What services and responsibilities does the department provide?
A We provide a full range of law enforcement services for all unincorporated areas of Nobles County.

  • Traffic law enforcement - respond to calls for service, investigate motor vehicle accidents and provide traffic law enforcement.
  • Enforce boating regulations and investigate drownings throughout the county.
  • Provide crime prevention and education services to the public.
  • Provide investigative services and preparation for prosecution by the County Attorney for all crimes, including the following special areas: Juvenile issues, illegal narcotics, substance trafficking and welfare fraud.
  • Responsible for service of civil process including Sheriff’s sales, special orders from the court and all arrest warrants emanating from the court.
  • Work child abuse investigations jointly and separately with Nobles County Family Services.
  • Responsible for taking all 911 emergency calls and then dispatching all emergency response units in the county.
  • Responsible for security in the courtrooms and adjacent areas.
  • Responsible for transporting committed patients and prisoners.
  • Responsible for administration and operation of the county jail.
  • Provide mutual aid for all other law enforcement departments in the county and surrounding areas.
  • Provide specialized in-service training to all employees.
  • Coordinate all systems, programs and operations to ensure an integrated response to emergencies, hazards, contamination by hazardous materials and natural disasters.
  • Coordinate and teach Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) to schools in Nobles County.

Q What are some of your department’s major accomplishments this past year? A Getting Project Life Saver up and running, working with the county board and the Nobles County highway engineer to get speed signs placed in the small towns and LED stop signs at the dangerous intersections in the county.
Q What are your expectations for the coming year?
A To keep working hard to protect and serve the citizens of Nobles County. I am very proud of the Sheriff’s office staff, both deputies and jail staff. They work hard and do a great job for the citizens of Nobles County.

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