Order up! PAC’s ‘Daddy’s Girl’ offers a menu of laughs with a side of mystery

WINDOM -- "Local talent, entertainment, great message" are three of the things patrons can expect from the Prairie Arts Continuum's production of "Daddy's Girl" by Gary Ray Stapp, according to director Tim Jenniges. The show debuts Friday at Wind...

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WINDOM - “Local talent, entertainment, great message” are three of the things patrons can expect from the Prairie Arts Continuum’s production of “Daddy’s Girl” by Gary Ray Stapp, according to director Tim Jenniges. The show debuts Friday at Windom’s Business, Arts and Recreation Center (BARC) and runs through April 3.

“‘Daddy’s Girl’ is a comedy,” Jenniges said. “Some will think it is a mystery. Some will think it’s a drama. It’s a combination of all three.”
“Daddy’s Girl” takes place in a local diner. The proprietor, Benard Muloovy, has named the diner after his dearly-departed wife, Maudie who died during childbirth 30 years ago. A mischievous angel appears to Benard, with a task of reuniting him with his long-lost daughter - but the angel, Michael, doesn’t make it easy for Benard.
Michael delivers two young women, and Benard has to decide which is his real daughter. The process takes place amid interactions with the diner’s faithful patrons and newcomers - a snobbish restaurant critic and her assistant, a girl with a split personality, a forgetful waitress, a Ph.D student with a communication problem, a geriatric duo, a motorcycle mama and Darlynn, Maudie’s best friend, who has been trying to get Benard to the altar for years.
“Word gets out that he has to decide who his daughter is,” Jenniges explained. “The patrons take sides as to whether this one is the daughter or that one’s the daughter… They kind of get into arguments and throwing barbs and slams back and forth, and it progresses from there.”
The choice of “Daddy’s Girl” seemed easy for Jenniges, who praised the relatability of the subject matter to its audience.
“I like the overall message that it gives,” Jenniges said about the play. “It’s down-to-earth. It is reality. It’s real people as far as I am concerned. It just struck me as something the community can identify with.”
The play’s cast is a mixture of seasoned veterans and new faces.

The players have combated what Mother Nature has thrown at them in terms of weather and illness and are ready to take the stage.
“The cast is 100 percent excited about the show,” Jenniges said. “It’s been really exciting from a director’s point of view to see the characters come to life.”
River City Eatery will cater the event. Attendees will be able to make their own “Maudie’s Special,” consisting of either a roast beef or grilled chicken sandwich with a choice of condiments and sauces, golden raisin cole slaw, loaded potato salad and River City’s seasoned kettle chips. In addition, root beer floats will be served at intermission during the Friday and the April 2 performances. The April 3 dessert matinee performance offers “Blue Rooster Treats” (cupcakes) in lieu of dinner.
The Prairie Arts Continuum performs a dinner theater production every other year with a musical on opposite years. But with every play, the proceeds benefit area students who wish to pursue a college education in the arts. Cheryl Hanson said PAC has distributed $9,250 in scholarships to students in the past 10 years.
Dinner theater reservations must be made by Tuesday. Seating for dinner begins at 6 p.m. before the 7:15 p.m. curtain. Tickets for just the performance are also available. Advanced show-only tickets may be purchased at a reduced rate by 5 p.m. Friday. Seating will be first-come, first-served behind the dinner theater area. Show-only tickets are also available at the door. The April 3 production starts at 2 p.m.

Tickets for all of the performances are on sale at the BARC office, 1012 Fifth Ave., Windom, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m,. or by calling (507) 831-2375.

Cast of Characters
Benard: Jayesun Sherman, Windom
Darlynn: Robyn Willard, Windom
E.L.: Tera Elness, Windom
Betsy: Theresa Green, Windom
Walter: Michael Bull, Windom
Alex: Tucker Kern, Windom
Daisy: Diane Kruger, Windom
Violet: Maryellen Suhrhoff, Westbrook
Bob: Greg Lunn, Windom
Maudie: Faith Willard, Windom
Lizzy: Lynn Peterson, Windom
Big Earl Ella: Sunny Osland, Lamberton
Michael: Travis Smith, Mountain Lake
Director: Tim Jenniges, Windom
Assistant Director: Amber Thomas, Jeffers


2416533+Daddy Girl web.jpg

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