Red Rock announces winter sports All-conference teams

The Red Rock Conference recently announced its selections to the boys and girls All-conference basketball teams, as well as the All-conference wrestling team.

The Red Rock Conference recently announced its selections to the boys and girls All-conference basketball teams, as well as the All-conference wrestling team.

The girls Class A state basketball champion Fulda Raiders saw four players honored on the All-conference squad, as Kaitlyn Kramer, Laura Kramer, Sam Raddle and Sarah Raddle were all chosen. The Murray County Central Rebels placed three members on the squad -- Rachel Christiansen, Darielle Gengler and Laura Beers.

Southwest Star Concept, Southwest Christian, Red Rock Central and Adrian each received two picks on the girls team. Linnea Henkels and Brooke DeWall were chosen from the Quasars, Jenna Snyder and Kelsey Van Dyke from the Eagles, Krystle Sell and Danielle Trapp from the Falcons, and Sam Lynn and Brittany Bullerman from the Dragons.

Stacy Bush (Hills-Beaver Creek), Lacey Janzen (Mountain Lake-Butterfield-Odin), Amanda Evans (Sioux Valley-Round Lake-Brewster), Allie Kelly (Comfrey) and Amy Kallemeyn (Edgerton) also were selected to the team.

Edgerton and ML-B-O topped the list with the most picks on the boys side, with three selections each.


From the conference-champion Flying Dutchmen, Max Zwart, Reed Van Hulzen and Derek Westenberg were honored as All-conference players, while Wolverines Lance Bartel, Mathew Myers and Danny Snyder were chosen.

Fulda, MCC, Adrian and SWC received two selections apiece. Sam Woitalewicz and John Isder were selected from the Raiders, Paul Counter and Derik Johnson from the Rebels, Jordan Huisken and Brent Van Schepen from the Eagles, and Brad Brake and Ryan Lonneman from the Dragons.

Rounding out the team are James Granstra (SSC), Blake Walker (RRC), Lon Eichenberger (SV-RL-B), Aaron Esselink (H-BC) and Jonathan Kells (W-WG).

The Adrian Dragons' third-place state wrestling team and the Windom/ML-B-O Cobras each placed six members on the All-conference team. Brock Bullerman, Brandon Bullerman, Tyler Wagner, Cody Reverts, Will Lutmer and Nate Engelkes were selected from the Dragons, while Josh Falk, A.J. Stevens, Colt Bergendahl, Travis Elg (state champion 140 lbs.), Chris Fast, and Derek Radtke were chosen from the Cobras.

Jackson County Central placed five wrestlers on the team, with state champions Torey Stewart (130) and Jared Knips (Hwt.) leading the way. Cole Von Ohlen, Justin Kolander and Jacob Johnson also were named from the Huskies.

State champion at 189 pounds, Nick Henning led the list of Fulda/MCC wrestlers named to the All-conference team. Warriors Andy Witzel, Justin Reinsma and Tyler Giese also were chosen.

Joe Pfarr was the lone selection from the RRC/W-WG program.

All-RRC Honorees


Girls basketball: Kaitlyn Kramer, Fulda; Laura Kramer Fulda; Sam Raddle, Fulda; Sarah Raddle, Fulda; Rachel Christiansen, MCC; Darielle Gengler, MCC; Laura Beers, MCC; Linnea Henkels, SSC; Brooke DeWall, SSC; Jenna Snyder, SWC; Kelsey Van Dyke, SWC; Sam Lynn, Adrian; Brittany Bullerman, Adrian; Amy Kallemeyn, Edgerton; Allie Kelly, Comfrey; Krystle Sell, RRC; Danielle Trapp, RRC; Amanda Evans, SVRLB; Lacey Janzen, MLBO; Stacy Bush, HBC. Honorable mention: Jenny Starken, MCC; Emily Counter, MCC; Nicloe Gunderman, Fulda; Whitney Place, SSC; Shannon Hussong, SSC; Katie Vis, SWC; Alexa Vanden Bosch, Edgerton; Kelly Vanderstoep, Edgerton; Angela Hesse, Confrey; Molly Eichenberger, SVRLB; Brittany Harder, MLBO; Chelsi Fink, HBC; Malori Paplow, WWG.

Boys basketball: Max Zwart, Edgerton; Reed Van Hhulzen, Edgerton; Derek Westenberg, Edgerton; Lance Bartel, MLBO; Mathew Myers, MLBO; Danny Snyders, MLBO; Sam Woitalewicz, Fulda; John Isder, Fulda; Paul Counter, MCC; Derik Johnson, MCC; Jordan Huisken, SWC; Brent Van Schepen, SWC; Brad Brake, Adrian; Ryan Lonneman, Adrian; Blake Walker, RRC; Lon Eichenberger, SVRLB; Aaron Esselink, HBC; Jonathan Kells, WWG. Honorable mention: Tony Fluit, Edgerton; Tim Haberman, Fulda; Chris LeTendre, MCC; Eric Schaap, SWC; Lloyd Kalfs, SSC; Lee Stover, Adrian; Kyle Huls, RRC; Matt Moldan, RRC; Jared Bourquin, SVRLB; Jason Hup, HBC; Jake Wahl, WWG. Special honorable mention: Lucas Isder (injured), Fulda.

Wrestling: Brock Bullerman, Adrian; Brandon Bullerman, Adrian; Tyler Wagner, Adrian; Cody Reverts, Adrian; Will Lutmer, Adrian; Nate Engelkes, Adrian; Josh Falk, W/MLBO; A.J. Stevens, W/MLBO; Colt Bergendahl, W/MLBO; Travis Elg, W/MLBO; Chris Fast, W/MLBO; Derek Radtke, W/MLBO; Cole Von Ohlen, JCC; Torey Stewart, JCC; Jared Knips, JCC; Justin Kolander, JCC; Jacon Johnson, JCC; Justin Reinsma, F/MCC; Nick Henning, F/MCC; Andy Witzel, F/MCC; Tyler Giese; Joe Pfarr, RRC/WWG. Honorable mention: Clint Metz, Adrian; Tony Thier, Adrian; Andy Heitkamp, Adrian; Matt Gades, Adrian; Zach Reker, Adrian; Kevin Zschetzsche, W/MLBO; Sam Fischenich, W/MLBO; Bill Hochstein, W/MLBO; Ruben Silvas, W/MLBO; Chris Witzel, F/MCC; Will Steinmetz, F/MCC; Alex Anderson, JCC; Gavin Mattison, RRC/WWG.

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