Resident accused of assaulting employees in escape attempt from assisted living facility

The suspect is in police custody.

Jesus Gonzales

WORTHINGTON — Worthington police arrested a Crossroads Care Center resident Saturday morning after he allegedly assaulted multiple employees.

Arriving at the scene, officers found several staff members attempting to restrain Jesus Gonzales, 45. Staff explained that they had received a call from Gonzales's sister, who said Gonzales was planning to break out of Crossroads. An employee saw Gonzales trying to leave and attempted to stop him, at which point Gonzales allegedly put his hand against the employee's throat and pushed them against the wall.

Another staff member came over to help, and Gonzales reportedly hit the second employee over the head with his cane. The two wrestled the cane away from Gonzales, and Gonzales then produced a pair of scissors and cut the second staff member on the arm. The two employees then got the scissors away from him and held him down until the police arrived.

Officers had to restrain Gonzales for about 40 minutes while waiting on an ambulance to arrive. He was later arrested and charged with several criminal offenses: second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon — a felony that carries a maximum possible sentence of seven years in prison and/or a $14,000 fine, but not less than one year and one day in prison — and two counts fifth-degree assault and one count of disorderly conduct, all misdemeanors.

If convicted, Gonzales will be sentenced based on criminal history.


After being taken to Nobles County Jail, Gonzales reportedly told police he was trying to leave Crossroads because staff would not let him see a medical specialist that he needed. He denied having choked the employee or using scissors.

Gonzales remains in Nobles County Jail on bail set at $10,000 with conditions or $20,000 without.

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