Search warrant results in drug arrests

Methamphetamine was discovered inside the residence.

JACKSON — A Dec. 21 execution of a search warrant led to the arrest of two local men.

When officers from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension showed up at the home of My Soungsud, 59, of Jackson, they discovered the following in Soungsud's bedroom:

  • a small baggie containing 1.5 grams of methamphetamine
  • a glass pipe used for smoking narcotics
  • a semi-automatic rifle

Found in the bedroom of Justin Keodouangdy, 40, were:

  • a loaded 9mm handgun with the serial number filed off
  • a Mountain Dew bottle containing 544.3 grams of liquid methamphetamine

Discovered elsewhere in the house were:

  • straws used for snorting narcotics
  • a white crystal-like substance located on a plate, which field-tested positive for methamphetamine
  • a homemade meth bong
  • drug paraphernalia

Due to the way the basement furniture was arranged, investigators believed that drug deals and drug use were taking place in the basement. According to Soungsud, who owns the home, he had met Keodouangdy about three weeks earlier at a gas station, and Keodouangdy had been homeless and asked to stay with Soungsud.
Soungsud reportedly received the meth found in his bedroom from Keodouangdy, but had not paid money for it.


Soungsud was arrested and charged with third-degree controlled substance. The charge was raised to a third-degree level because the alleged drug crime took place in a school zone, a park zone, a public housing zone or a drug treatment facility.

He was booked into Jackson County Jail Dec. 23 and then released on conditional bail at no cost. His initial court appearance is scheduled for this morning.

Keodouangdy had an active federal arrest warrant and was turned over to U.S. marshals.

Mug shots of the two men are not available.

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