Shining Fame Performance accepting donations until March 15

WORTHINGTON -- The Shining Fame Performance dance studio is asking for help from businesses and residents to support its first dance competition in Worthington.

Shining Fame Performance dancers performi at their Winter Recital this year. (Special to the Daily Globe by LO Photography)

WORTHINGTON - The Shining Fame Performance dance studio is asking for help from businesses and residents to support its first dance competition in Worthington.


A fundraising effort is underway until March 15.


Robyn Murphy, owner and instructor at Shining Fame Performance, said she wanted to organize a local competition ever since she opened her studio five years ago. The event, scheduled for April 1, will take place in the Minnesota West Community and Technical College gym, and she is expecting roughly 500 people to attend including dancers, coaches and spectators.  



Murphy explained that she has been working hard to reach a certain level and develop relationships with other dance teams in order to host a successful event. Eight dance studios from locations including Mankato, South Dakota and Iowa will be coming to town for a full day of competition.  


“We have never had the chance to compete in Worthington - in our own town, in front of our own fans,” Murphy said. “I think it will be nice for our girls at the studio and our community to see what we do when we go out of town.”


Even though she’s very excited for the competition, she admitted that one of the greatest challenges is finding ways to finance it. The overall cost of the event is more than $3,000, which will cover the cost of the location, judges, awards, decorations and more. The community has showed great support thus far, Murphy said.  


“It has been really good; a lot of people have supported it,” Murphy said. “We have a lot of businesses that are donating either money or things toward the competitions like food for concession stands, or just different things we need to put the competition on.”



Murphy said businesses that contribute to the event will have their logos displayed at the competition, and the names of the supporters will be announced several times throughout the event.


She explained the competition represents a great time for the community to experience something new, since not a lot of people are familiar with dance as a competitive sport.


“Our community sees basketball and volleyball and those things, but they don’t see competitive dance very often,” Murphy said. “Just to give Worthington a different point of view, of a different sport.”

Dancer Mikala Dierks of Fulda joined Murphy’s studio in 2012. Her love for the sport has grown ever since, and she now coaches some of the youngest Shining Fame Performance dancers.



“I had no prior experience when I just started, but after a couple of classes I knew that (dance) was what I wanted to do and I really love doing it,” Dierks said.


She noted that having the chance to show her talent to some of her family members and friends motivates her even more to give her best.


“I think it’s really fun that they will be able to come and watch me perform,” Dierks said. “Some of them will be there for the first time.”


Dierks will be part of the 43 Shining Fame Performance Dance Studio dancers performing five styles including pom, jazz, hip-hop, kick and lyrical. She will be participating in pom, hip-hop, lyrica and a contemporary duet.


“I am really excited to see how it turns out, and all the different people that will get to come and being able to help coach some of the dancers,” Dierks said.  


Dierks explained that dance is not only her passion, but also a teacher. Through her experience with the sport, she has developed more confidence in her skills - not only on the dance floor, but in her daily life.


“I gained a lot of confidence from it, being able to perform in front of so many people,” Dierks said. “It has also raised my self-esteem a lot the last few years, giving me the ability to teach others and how to take criticism in a positive way.”


To make a contribution, call Murphy at 376-6818.

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