Slayton man charged with domestic abuse, stalking

Brice Lee Berglund was arrested and charged in connection with a domestic assault case in Fulda.

SLAYTON — Brice Lee Berglund of Slayton has been charged with felony-level counts of domestic assault and stalking, as well as a misdemeanor count of theft.

On Oct. 17, Fulda Police responded to a domestic assault call. The caller stated that an incident with Berglund, 27, had occurred at her home while he was visiting their children. She provided police with an audio recording, which she had started when Berglund arrived because of a history of domestic violence.

During Berglund’s visit, while the children were in different rooms, the victim stated that Berglund came downstairs and immediately began arguing with her. Berglund allegedly proceeded to take the victim’s cell phone, and refused to return it. He also stood in the doorway and refused to let her leave, despite the victim’s request to do so.

When the victim eventually left and went into her own room where her daughter was, Berglund reportedly followed and continued to argue. The victim stated that at one point Berglund allegedly pushed her onto the bed, while she was holding her daughter and then laid on top of them both, which woke the daughter, who began to cry. The victim then hit Berglund with a toy truck that had been left on the bed, at which point Berglund got off them and the victim went upstairs with her daughter.

The victim later came downstairs and spent several minutes discussing the children’s schooling with Berglund before he returned her phone and left.


After speaking with the victim, a Fulda police officer was contacted by Berglund who asked if he was going to be arrested. According to the report, Berglund affirmed that he had gotten into a heated argument with the victim and pushed her onto the bed after losing his temper. Berglund told the police he was on probation and that he was required to go into the Murray County Sheriff's office. When Berglund arrived, he was arrested for domestic assault and transported to the Lyon County Jail.

Berglund was convicted in Cottonwood County in 2017 for domestic assault and in Murray County in August. He currently faces a combined maximum 15 years imprisonment for the felony level counts and/or a $30,000 fine and a maximum 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine for the misdemeanor theft charge.

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