Three arrested on meth charges in Jackson

JACKSON -- Three Jackson residents were arrested earlier this week in connection with a methamphetamine lab discovered in an apartment building in Jackson.

JACKSON -- Three Jackson residents were arrested earlier this week in connection with a methamphetamine lab discovered in an apartment building in Jackson.

Kelly James Coult, 29, and Sarah Marie Coult, 26, were arrested Sunday after a man from rural Jackson went to authorities on articles he found in his burn barrel.

According to the criminal complaint, Robby Lee Blom, 23, came to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office Sunday morning to report suspicious drug activity. He said he had recently become friends with the Coults and was letting them burn garbage in his burn barrel.

Blom was unaware of Kelly Coult's last name and had met him about a month ago at a probation meeting. Coult had begun bringing garbage out approximately three weeks ago and had asked to store a vehicle on Blom's property.

On Sunday, Blom said he went out to dump his burn barrel and found fluids running from it that smelled bad. He looked inside and saw glass bottles with liquid in them and some with a crystal substance. One bag that had not burned was sitting off to the side, and Blom put the bag in Coult's vehicle.


Blom and a friend towed Coult's vehicle to town, left it in the parking lot of his residence and knocked on the door to tell Coult the vehicle was there. Blom told authorities he and Coult argued about what had been dumped in the barrel, and said he told Coult he was going to call authorities.

Blom gave law enforcement permission to search his property. Blom was questioned about how often the Coults had dumped garbage at his place, how long the vehicle had been on his property and what children the couple had. Blom said he had only seen one child, an infant younger than 1 year old.

Shortly before 9 p.m., authorities executed a search warrant on the apartment. The Coults were arrested, and the two small children found in the home were taken into protective custody.

Coult told authorities he knew what it was about and that his friend, Blom, had set him up. He also said his wife knew nothing about it, and that he was to blame.

In the couple's bedroom, authorities found a tin chest which contained evidence of an inactive drug lab. Remnants of an active lab were discovered in one of the couple's vehicles.

In the kitchen, a glass jar containing what was believed to be meth residue fluid was found in the garbage. While the deputy who was the subject-matter expert headed inside to view the evidence, the investigator located a cardboard box under a counter. The box was determined to be an active lab, and all tenants were evacuated from the building, the crime scene was sealed and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) called.

During an interview, Coult admitted to making, mixing, smoking, inhaling and selling meth paraphernalia in and out of his home until recently. He said he would manufacture the drug out at farm sites in the country and bring his equipment and materials back to the home in the box.

Sarah Coult admitted she knew her husband manufactured meth and that she had purchased materials used to make meth.


The Coults are each charged with first-degree controlled substance manufacture, two counts of possession of substance with intent to manufacture, fifth-degree controlled substance possession and two counts of methamphetamine related crimes with children present, all felonies.

Blom was also arrested on first-degree manufacture of methamphetamine charges. Pending charges are scheduled to be filed today in Jackson County District Court. In the description of Sarah Coult's first-degree charge, it states she aided and advised Kelly and Blom in the manufacture of meth.

If convicted, the Coults each face a maximum combined penalty of 60 years imprisonment and/or $1,060,000 in fines.

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