Three found with 113 pounds of THC products

Ashlee Hunt, Magdalene Kelly, Alpha Wagar Jr
Hunt (left), Kelly, Wagar

RUSHMORE — A traffic stop conducted by a Minnesota State Patrol officer on I-90 near Rushmore resulted in the discovery of more than 113 pounds of THC products in a vehicle, for which the three occupants were charged with first-degree drug sale and second-degree drug possession.

Driver Alpha Wagar Jr., 29, of Eagan and passengers Ashlee Hunt, 28, of Lakeville and Magdalene Kelly, 29, of Eagan told the officer they had flown to California because Wagar had never been and they found cheap one-way tickets. They said they were driving back home in a rental car, but they didn't have the rental agreement.

Conflicting stories and nervous behavior caused the trooper to become suspicious. Wagar, Hunt and Kelly did not give consent to search the vehicle, so the trooper had his K-9 officer sniff around it. The K-9 indicated the presence of illegal drugs, allowing the state trooper to then search the vehicle.

The officer's thorough search revealed the following:

  • 48 pounds of raw marijuana
  • 35 pounds of suspected marijuana edibles
  • 20.5 pounds of pre-rolled marijuana joints
  • 2.5 pounds of marijuana wax
  • 7.7 pounds of 90% THC vape cartridges

In total, the THC products came to 113.7 pounds.
Wagar, Hunt and Kelly were arrested and taken to Nobles County Jail, where they each face up to 30 years in prison, a $1 million fine or both.

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