WORTHINGTON — Crews have finished work on resurfacing the segment of Clary Street between McMillan Street and Diagonal Road, and the road is now re-opened for use.

Looking ahead, the city of Worthington has several more road construction projects on the docket for the remainder of the season. Worthington Director of Engineering Dwayne Haffield provided status reports on Tuesday.

Already begun is Homewood Hills street resurfacing, starting this week with curb, gutter and pedestrian ramp removals, Haffield said. These are not needed throughout the entire neighborhood, but will be spot-replaced for maintenance and ADA compliance.

Following curbs, gutters and ramps will be pavement removal and replacement. Haffield provided a map of the construction schedule, which is broken into seven phases. Engineers planned the phases with the idea that residents will need to park on the street while their frontage is redone. Breaking each street into segments keeps residents from having to park too far away from their houses.

The Homewood Hills street project has been divided into seven construction phases.
The Homewood Hills street project has been divided into seven construction phases.

Haffield anticipates the Homewood Hills project wrapping up for the year in about October, as the ground begins to freeze. Whatever is not resurfaced this year will resume next spring, for completion in 2020.

Also in progress are repairs to McMillan Street that will prevent road breakage like that experienced this spring. Haffield said the segment north of Clary Street is nearly finished. Following surfacing of that segment, work will begin on the portion south of Clary Street, as soon as Aug. 7. Haffield expects that segment to be less complicated and require less time.

"This project needs to be done a week before Turkey Day," Haffield said. The deadline outlined in the labor contract is Sep. 6.

Beginning soon is resurfacing of Lake Avenue between Eighth Street and Tower Street. The project is tentatively set to begin on Aug. 5 with pedestrian ramps, and overlay work will begin Aug. 19.

After Labor Day, the city will begin resurfacing the segment of East Avenue that lies just east of Read Avenue.

Haffield emphasized that actual schedules may vary depending on a number of factors, such as weather and unforeseen obstacles.