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Fulda Wood Duck Addition open for business

A home is shown under construction on South Delaware Avenue in the new Wood Duck Addition in Fulda. (Tim Middagh / The Globe )

FULDA — The Wood Duck Addition housing development is well underway in Fulda.

Fulda City Clerk Julie Burchill explained that the project has been in the works for about a decade, so residents are excited to see it finally ready for construction.

When the Wood Duck Addition was first proposed, the land was purchased using tax increment financing (TIF), a method that allows a city to help finance the cost of the project. TIF came with limitations on how many of the homes in the Wood Duck Addition could be sold to people above a certain income level.

Since then, the city has repaid the TIF bond and instead uses a tax abatement bond to help support the Wood Duck Addition. This action removed the income guidelines about who could purchase homes.

There are 16 lots in the addition. Four of them have been purchased already, and home construction has already been completed on two of those and is in progress on another. The owner of the fourth lot plans to build a home at a later date.

The remaining 11 lots range in area from .41 to .88 acres and in price from $10,000 to $15,000. The development has a few construction rules, such as owners must build a house within four years, and houses are required to have a permanent foundation.

The Wood Duck Addition is a good investment, Burchill said, because “Fulda is a good community.” The property is not far from Main Street, so residents would be able to take full advantage of all of Fulda’s local businesses. She also noted the quality of Fulda’s school system.

“Fulda has a lot to offer for a small community,” said Burchill, a 12-year Fulda resident who’s active in the local ambulance service in addition to her city hall responsibilities. She said she’s been happy building a life with her family in Fulda.

For more information or to purchase a lot in the Wood Duck Addition, Burchill encourages interested parties to stop by City Hall or attend a city council meeting.