Two vie for Cottonwood County Sheriff post

Justin Derickson Occupation: Cottonwood County Sheriff's Deputy Residence: Bingham Lake Why are you seeking the Cottonwood County Sheriff position? I am seeking the Cottonwood County Sheriff's position because I believe the citizens of Cottonwood...

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Justin Derickson (left) and Jason Purrington

Justin Derickson Occupation: Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Deputy

Residence: Bingham Lake

Why are you seeking the Cottonwood County Sheriff position? I am seeking the Cottonwood County Sheriff’s position because I believe the citizens of Cottonwood County deserve better. The citizens of Cottonwood County deserve to have a sheriff that has contagious integrity, will serve with honor and be fiscally responsible. The “Good Ol’ Boys” system should have no place in modern law enforcement. Transparency will be just one of the cornerstones I will build upon. I believe an educated vote is essential for a successful future here in Cottonwood County.

Experience as it relates to this office. I have 15 years law enforcement experience with 10 years as a Cottonwood County deputy. I started in Heron Lake and Lakefield working part-time. After being hired with Cottonwood County, I was assigned to the Drug Task Force where I was the solo Cottonwood deputy on the largest single meth drug bust in the county’s history. I have started multiple businesses from the ground up that are still operating today. I understand how to financially live within your means. I was on the Compensation Committee for Cottonwood County that worked with the county commissioners to set a financial plan to ensure financial sustainability for the county into the future. I have been on the Board of Directors for the Southwest Crisis Center for several years, currently the board chair and policy and personnel committee chair. I have been the president for the Windom Archery Club for several years.



What is your vision for the future of this office? My vision for the Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Office is to guide the office into the future using contagious integrity, by honoring the office and the expectations of the public while maintaining fiscal responsibility and transparency. I will lead by example. I will hold all sheriff’s office employees to a high standard of professionalism on and off duty. I will work with neighboring agencies on positive Drug Task Force reform. I will start community education programs that focus on educating the public about the scams that are plaguing our area with unacceptable success rates. I will continue and expand the active shooter/violent intruder trainings we’ve been doing for several years and open them up to the public free of charge.

Additional comments. During my early years, I worked nights as a peace officer and days as a contractor or landscaper with the two businesses I co-own in Windom. The money was not great, but education is never free and I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. I learned to love the work of a peace officer and owe many thanks to the officers and deputies that I worked with in Lakefield and Jackson County, as they molded me into the cop I am today. I truly love my profession and am asking for your vote this Nov. 6.

Jason Purrington Occupation: Cottonwood County Sheriff

Residence: Windom

Why are you seeking the Cottonwood County Sheriff position? I am seeking re-election because I am concerned about what happens to the citizens of Cottonwood County. While drugs, personal safety and mental health are some of the top issues that affect our citizens, we also have scam artists that have stolen thousands of dollars from our citizens and predators are using the internet to take advantage of and hurt our children. I want to promote a safe and unified community for now and generations to come. Cottonwood County is a great place to live, work and raise a family and I care about your concerns and what happens here. We need to work together to find resolutions to these concerns. If we continue to work together we can accomplish great things. I have been able to accomplish many things over the last 12 years as your sheriff and I still have more that I need to do.

Experience as it relates to this office. I have 24 years of law enforcement experience: part-time Cottonwood County deputy and jailer/dispatcher, one and a half years; city of Sioux Falls, S.D. police officer, 10 months; Cottonwood County deputy sheriff, seven and a half years; Cottonwood County Chief Deputy, one and a half years; appointed Cottonwood County Sheriff, January 2006; elected Cottonwood County Sheriff, November 2006; re-elected Cottonwood County Sheriff, November 2010; re-elected Cottonwood County Sheriff, November 2014.

I have received training in police management, law enforcement executive development

training, rural executive management training and Institute for Credible Leadership


Development Training. I am the district director of the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association, which allows me to have first-hand information about what is going on in the state and it helps being on the forefront of any issues that might affect Cottonwood County.

What is your vision for the future of this office? Continue the traditions of devotion to duty, personal integrity, building community trust and partnerships to provide the highest level of service to the residents of Cottonwood County.

Possibly starting a TRIAD program for our senior citizens. This program looks at safety concerns that affect our senior citizens and how we can work together to address those concerns. With the internet our kids are being subjected to various crimes that harm them. We need to give parents and kids information that can protect them from the harm that exists.

Continue to build relationships with local police departments, state patrol and neighboring

counties. Continue to work with other agencies, counties, state and federal government to help reduce costs and ensure our tax dollars are being spent efficiently. Continue to provide training to our deputies and lailer/dispatchers to not only better themselves, but to better serve the residents of Cottonwood County.

Additional comments. As sheriff, I have had a number of accomplishments that have saved taxpayer dollars and improved Cottonwood County citizens’ safety. I have: obtained grants totaling $1,070,867.00 for our statewide ARMER radio system; upgraded our 911 mapping system to help locate and direct first responders to scenes; created systems to notify public of severe weather and important information; started the county’s Prescription Drug Take Back Program, which has collected more than 1,000 pounds of unused and unwanted medications to date; and provided and supported the ALICE training program in our schools and the public and private sector. I have had the honor and privilege to work for and represent Cottonwood County for the past 12.5 years as your sheriff. With my years of experience, dedication and leadership, I believe I am the best candidate to continue representing the people of Cottonwood County as your sheriff.

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