WORTHINGTON — For the second consecutive month, weather conditions were much drier than average in Worthington, according to data provided by the Worthington Wastewater Treatment Plant and the National Weather Service.

The average high temperature recorded locally, meanwhile, was also significantly warmer than average compared to the same month in past years.

Highs and lows

Worthington’s average daily high temperature for June 1-30 is 78.4 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. The average daily high this June, meanwhile, was 84.8 degrees, or 6.4 degrees above what’s normal for the month. The record for average maximum temperature in May is 85.7 degrees, which was set back in 1988.

The average daily low temperature in the community for June 1-30 is 57.4 degrees, and the corresponding reading for this June was an average low of 59.3. In June 1982, Worthington recorded an average low of 49.4 degrees.

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The average high temperature for Worthington during a usual January through June is 48.7.degrees, and the average corresponding low is 28.8 degrees. Corresponding readings for the six-month period in 2021 are 51.1. degrees (2.4 degrees above normal) and 31.0 degrees (2.3 degrees above normal).

The highest temperature recorded during the past month was 97 degrees on June 11. The lowest was 41 degrees on June 22.


A typical June in Worthington sees 5.24 inches of rain and no snowfall. This past June, Worthington recorded 2.01 inches of rain and no snow.

For the first six months of 2021, 10.01 inches of precipitation has been measured, compared to a January-June average of 15.39 inches. The month of July typically brings a total of 3.54 inches of precipitation, which means an exceptionally wet month will be needed to get us back to normal.

Precipitation was recorded in Worthington this June on the following days: 12th (.14); 17th (.12); 20th (.04); 21st (.04); 27th (1.17); 28th (.10) and 29th (.40).