Woman arrested on more DWI charges

WORTHINGTON -- A Fulda woman who had a blood alcohol concentration of .385 on Sept. 15 and was consequently arrested for driving while impaired (DWI) was arrested this week on more DWI charges.

WORTHINGTON -- A Fulda woman who had a blood alcohol concentration of .385 on Sept. 15 and was consequently arrested for driving while impaired (DWI) was arrested this week on more DWI charges.

Several days after leaving the Nobles County Jail on bond with conditions of release that included abstinence from alcohol and random urine testing, Kerry Ann Schei allegedly drove from Fulda to Worthington Tuesday and again had a blood alcohol content more than three times the legal limit.

Schei, 38, has been charged with two additional counts of second-degree DWI and one count of open bottle, to accompany her earlier DWI charge.

According to the criminal complaint, a Worthington Police Officer received a call about a suspicious woman who had walked into a residence on 10th Street. The owner of the residence said a strange woman had walked into her home asking to speak to someone named Dennis.

The owner told the woman there was no one with that name at her home and asked her to leave, so the stranger got in a white van and drove about a block down the street.


The officer located the white van and spoke to the woman who answered the door, asking who owned the van. He was told it belonged to Schei.

Schei came to the door and identified herself with a driver's license she retrieved from the van.

In a videotaped statement, Schei said she had gone to the wrong house while looking for her friend. She denied driving the van, saying she had arrived an hour and a half earlier from Fulda. She then admitted to drinking at home prior to driving to Worthington, but said she had nothing to drink while in town. She told the officer she was supposed to enter treatment the following day.

During his conversation with Schei, the officer detected the strong odor of alcohol and noted that Schei's speech was slurred and eyes were glassy.

He attempted to administer field sobriety tests to Schei, but after a quick try, she stated she could not do the test and said, "Take me in," refusing to do any further testing. A preliminary breath test (PBT) recorded an alcohol concentration of .308.

The officer placed Schei under arrest, and as they were leaving the house, a man stepped outside. When the officer asked the man what time Schei had arrived, the man said it had been about ten minutes ago.

While inventorying the van Schei had been driving, the officer found an open 12-pack of beer between the front seats of the van, covered with a blanket. After removing the blanket, he found a half-full bottle of beer, still cool to the touch, propped up next to the 12-pack and an open can of beer inside the box, along with five unopened beers.

Schei's prior convictions of DWI include three convictions from Montana in 1990, 1994 and 1996 and a Nobles County conviction in 2002, when she was arrested for DWI while there was a child in the vehicle.


From the Sept. 15 charge, when she blew a PBT of .385, she faces a maximum penalty of up to one year imprisonment and/or a $3,000 fine. On the charges stemming from Tuesday's arrest, with a blood alcohol concentrate of .30 on the Intoxilyzer, she faces a maximum penalty of up to two years and 90 days imprisonment and/or a $7,000 fine.

According to literature published by the Mayo Clinic, a blood alcohol content of .30 would have most people in a semi-stupor, with little comprehension. At .35, which is roughly on the same level as surgical anesthesia, coma is possible. Anything .40 percent or more can cause death due to respiratory arrest. The lethal dose of alcohol for 50 percent of adult humans, known as LD50, is .40.

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