Woman facing five years for alleged Walmart theft

WORTHINGTON — A local resident has been accused of theft from Worthington's Walmart store.

A Walmart loss prevention employee explained to Worthington police that Alizay Ramirez, 19, of Worthington, had used the self-checkout and only scanned some of her items, while bagging everything in her cart and walking out the door with it.

Ramirez had done this 14 different times between March 10 and May 14, it was reported, and the total value of the stolen items came to $1,141.02.

In addition to a written report, the loss prevention worker showed police security footage of Ramirez swiping items through the checkout quickly while only scanning and paying for some of the items.

When an officer called Ramirez to ask about the alleged crime, she declined to meet in person, but reportedly admitted on the phone that she had not been scanning all of her items at Walmart. She said she did not know how much she had stolen in total.


Rather than being arrested, Ramirez was given a court summons and charged with felony theft, an offense with a maximum possible sentence of five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.

At a court hearing Monday, Ramirez pleaded not guilty to the charge. A trial will be scheduled to ascertain whether or not she is guilty of the crime.

Because Ramirez was never arrested, she has no mugshot.

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