Worthington man apprehended following string of business, vehicle burglaries

Rounoubon, Sittisak

WORTHINGTON — A Worthington man has been arrested and charged with a string of business and vehicle burglaries that occurred overnight Sunday into Monday, as well as separate burglary incidents in November.

According to court documents, Worthington police officers responded to a burglary alarm at Friendly Dental in Worthington around 12:45 a.m. Monday. Officers observed a man run out the front door and gave him verbal commands to get on the ground. He complied, and was identified as Sittisak Rounoubon, 29.

Rounoubon was reportedly wearing latex gloves and in possession of an Allen wrench and flashlight.

Due to recent snowfall, officers were able to track Rounobon's trail for approximately 3/4 of a mile. That led officers to other nearby businesses and vehicles that were reportedly broken into or attempted to be broken into.

The complaint alleges that Rounoubon broke into the following: Henderson Financial, a garage in the 1200 block of Smith Avenue, a shed near Worthington Auto and a company vehicle at One Office Solutions. He also allegedly attempted to break into a company vehicle at Worthington Auto.


The officer noted footprints to several other businesses and vehicles, but it could not be determined whether Rounoubon attempted to gain entry into these buildings and vehicles or just looked in the window.

After being arrested in connection to Monday's burglaries, the Nobles County Attorney's Office also charged Rounoubon with burglarizing and attempting to burglarize Diagonal Road residences in early November.

According to that complaint, a homeowner contacted law enforcement Nov. 5 to report an attempted burglary. Having previously been burglarized in August, the homeowner installed security cameras, which reportedly depicted Rounoubon near the exterior perimeter of the home.

Rounoubon was arrested on Oct. 28, during which he was found pulling a wagon with a small air compressor and telescope in a wagon, which another nearby homeowner later reported missing from his garage. Rounoubon allegedly returned to the homeowner's garage later in November. Security footage shows Rounoubon walk up to the garage with a drill in his hand, touch the door handle and leave when he cannot gain access.

Between the two cases Rounoubon faces five counts of felony third-degree burglary; gross misdemeanors of receiving stolen property and theft; and two counts of tampering with a motor vehicle, misdemeanors . He faces a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment, a $10,000 fine or both.

Rounoubon's conditional bail was scheduled at $50,000; his unconditional at $100,000.

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