Worthington man arrested after Friday night stabbing

WORTHINGTON -- A Worthington man was arrested Friday after allegedly stabbing a man in the chest. Daniel Bockenstedt, 25, was charged with first-degree assault (great bodily harm), two counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon causi...



WORTHINGTON - A Worthington man was arrested Friday after allegedly stabbing a man in the chest.
Daniel Bockenstedt, 25, was charged with first-degree assault (great bodily harm), two counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon causing substantial bodily harm and two counts for second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.
Nobles County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report at approximately 11:30 p.m. Friday that a man had been assaulted by his friend, and that he was hurt.
When deputies arrived at the scene, they allegedly saw Bockenstedt, 25, standing in the driveway with a bloody rag on his right hand. There was also some blood on his pants and shoes, according to court documents.
According to Bockenstedt’s interview with deputies, he and his friend, Brandon Liesinger, were playing video games when Liesinger got after apparently losing the game.
Bockenstedt stated that Liesinger grabbed a butcher knife out of the kitchen drawer and attacked him. He added he took the knife by the handle from Liesinger - cutting himself in the process - and “instinctively I just hit him (Liesinger) with it.”
Bockenstedt said he had the knife in his hands for a few seconds, then dropped it immediately after striking his friend in the chest. He added it “was a fast thing - like a ‘prick’ - and that it wasn’t going deep.”
Bockenstedt was transported to Sanford Worthington Medical Center for minor injuries.
Liesinger, who drove himself to Sanford Worthington Medical Center, had a puncture wound directly adjacent to the left side of his heart. The wound was three-quarters of an inch wide. 
The doctor treating Liesinger told deputies the puncture wound to his chest was four to five inches long and perforated Liesinger’s left lung. The doctor added that Liesinger also had a puncture wound to his left cheek that wound penetrated all the way through to his mouth, according to the criminal complaint. 
Deputy Markus Murphy, who responded to the call Friday, went to meet Saturday with Liesinger, who was in the intensive care unit but still able to talk and give a statement. 
Liesinger told Murphy that he and Bockenstedt were drinking and playing video games on Friday night. He explained they were both giving each other a hard time about the game - in a joking matter - until Liesinger called Bockenstedt an obscene name. After that, Liesinger said, Bockenstedt snapped.
Liesinger told Murphy that he was standing two feet from a wall when Bockenstedt walked toward him, opened the kitchen drawer, pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the left side of his chest with a jabbing motion.
Liesinger said, “It took the wind out of me, and that he couldn’t believe it happened.” Liesinger then said that Bockenstedt stabbed him twice more, and hit him in the left cheek one of those times.
Liesinger said that he had not had a knife in his hands at any point in the evening - or anything else in his hands - when Bockenstedt came at him. He denied making any threats against Bockenstedt, and also denied attacking him. Liesinger also said that Bockenstedt had pulled a knife on him before.
Bockenstedt has three prior felony charges dating back to April 2012 after he attacked a police officer, who has off-duty at the time and accompanied by his 13-year-old son.
Bockenstedt was charged with use of a deadly force against a peace officer, assault in the second degree and terroristic threats. He also has three gross misdemeanor charges dating back to the same incident for assault in the fourth degree of a peace officer, refusing to submit to a chemical test and operating a vehicle while under the influence. 
Bockenstedt is currently booked in the Nobles County Jail, and is being held on a $150,000 bond without conditions and a $75,000 bond with conditions. He is expected to make his initial appearance in court early next month.

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