Worthington named an ‘affordable small town where you’d actually want to live'

WORTHINGTON -- The city of Worthington has found itself at No. 6 on a list titled "Top 10 Affordable Small Towns Where You'd Actually Want to Live, 2017 Edition."...

WORTHINGTON - The city of Worthington has found itself at No. 6 on a list titled “Top 10 Affordable Small Towns Where You’d Actually Want to Live, 2017 Edition.”


The website ranked more than 500 U.S. Census-designated micropolitan areas - towns with a population between 10,000 and 50,000 - by a combination of factors, including median home price, unemployment rate, crime rate and percentage of households that spend no more than 28 percent of their annual income on housing costs.


With a median home price of $119,900 and unemployment rate at 3.6 percent, combined with a very low crime rate, Worthington easily made the list.



The article gives a rosy depiction of Worthington, calling it a “rural community with cosmopolitan flair.”


“Walk down 10th Street - Worthington’s version of Main Street - and you’ll find taco shops, Asian groceries, and no shortage of classic American grills serving up juicy steaks,” writes author Yuqing Pan.


That statement - which may not be entirely accurate -  is followed by a quote from Brad Chapulis, director of community and economic development.


“We have a population that represents the true America,” he’s quoted as saying for the article. “Those things that you experience in New York and Chicago, we have them here on a smaller scale.”



Chapulis doesn’t recall speaking to the author, or anyone from the website, but generally agreed that Worthington’s diversity is significant, even if New York and Chicago aren’t perfect comparisons.


“We certainly do represent America,” he said. “Our demographics are closer to the national trend than it is anywhere else in the state or region. Based upon our ethnic diversity, you are getting the cultural experiences you get in metropolitan areas.”


Worthington isn’t the only midwest city on the list. Oskaloosa, Iowa comes in at fourth, while Ionia, Mich. is eighth and Wapakoneta, Ohio is ninth.


The No. 1 spot goes to Mexico, Mo., which has a staggeringly low median home price of $65,600.



The 2015 edition listed many nearby towns, including Albert Lea, New Ulm and Spencer, Iowa as “affordable towns where you’d actually want to live.”


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