Worthington school board awards $12.9 million community ed building bid

The vote was not unanimous.

district 518 brown house
District 518's administration building in Worthington.

WORTHINGTON — The District 518 school board voted Tuesday night to award a bid to Hoogendorn Construction to build the planned community education building.

Hoogendorn's bid came in at $12,995,000, with two alternates: including terrazzo floor in some areas for an additional $128,000, and a reduction of $5,000 to refrain from building a temporary road.

The sub-contractor Henning Construction, planning to do the site prep for Hoogendorn, made a few recommendations to consider in case of a wet construction season, including more surge rock on the access road and parking lot and a six-foot deep building pad. If these changes need to be implemented, it will cost an additional estimated $330,650, but the board did not have to decide on these expenses as part of awarding the bid.

The board previously budgeted $17.5 million for the total project, with $13.1 million designated for construction costs and the rest planned for furniture, technology, special inspections and contingencies.

After some discussion, the board voted 5-1 to award the bid with the first alternate. Mike Harberts was opposed, and board chair Lori Dudley was out of town.


Teacher contracts

The board also approved a two-year contract with Education Minnesota Worthington, awarding a 7.78% salary increase to teachers over the next two years.

"The negotiations were tough at times, but I think we all want to get to the same place," said board member Brad Shaffer.

Board member Adam Blume added that he'd like the board and the union to work together and communicate better moving forward.

"The parameters and ranges (of the contract) are excessive for me," said Harberts. He was the only "nay" vote.

Also at Tuesday's meeting, the board:

  • Approved changes to the student handbook regarding eligibility and participation in extracurriculars.
  • Approved a Nobles Home Initiative request from Dan Krueger.
  • Approved 2021-2022 membership in the Minnesota State High School League, at a cost of $10,516.50.
  • Approved a learn from home plan that states who reports to school on bad weather days.
  • Approved a single employee handbook, rather than one for each building.
  • Approved an agreement for American Bank & Trust to have a Trojan spirit credit/debit card, with some funds being returned to the district.
  • Approved a contract for Katie Clarke as principal of the intermediate school.
  • Approved a salary adjustment for Prairie Elementary Principal Heidi Meyer.
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