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Former Adrian cop pleads guilty to assault


WORTHINGTON — A former Adrian police officer pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon during a June domestic argument.

Richard D. Bruns, 44, appeared Tuesday in Nobles County District Court for his plea hearing, during which he admitted to retrieving and brandishing a loaded handgun to threaten another individual during an argument. He admitted to having consumed alcohol that day, but didn’t make any claim that he was intoxicated to a point that he wasn’t aware of what he was doing.

The plea agreement calls for three other charges to be dismissed. No other agreement related to sentencing has been made, other than the prosecution and defense will have the ability to make arguments before the judge.

According to statements made on the record Tuesday, at the sentencing, the defense plans to allow Bruns’ family members and therapist to make statements for the court to consider. Similarly, the prosecution expects to have statements from the victim and currently plans to play an excerpt from a voice recording of the assault.

The contested sentencing hearing will be scheduled at a future date.