WORTHINGTON - Amy Hakeneis, 44, of Fulda was sentenced Wednesday for two counts of felony financial transaction card fraud following her 2018 arrest for stealing from her former employer, Maple Lawn Senior Care of Fulda.

Fifth Judicial District Judge Terry Vajgrt sentenced Hakeneis to 360 days in prison but ordered a stay of execution and five years of supervised probation. He also ordered a yearly 90-day jail term, which may be abated if Hakeneis pays $10,000 each year toward restitution.

In total, Hakeneis must pay $124,158.43 in restitution.

Vajgrt told Hakeneis that “there is no excuse for this kind of theft.” Although Hakeneis has said her actions were motivated by financial desperation, Vajgrt explained that the victim is an organization that cares for the vulnerable, and “they need to be made whole.”

Hakeneis was originally charged with four additional counts, but they were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.