Dennis Broekhuis

DENNIS “DENNY” Broekhuis was born to Arthur and Clarice (Vander Sluis) Broekhuis on June 5, 1952, in Pipestone, Minnesota. Denny started school at Pipestone Elementary in special needs class. He lived at home with his family in Edgerton on weekends and in Pipestone with his Grandma Vander Sluis while attending classes. Eventually Pipestone elementary recommended that Denny should get his education at Hope Haven school for Handicapped Children. He was a student in the first years of Hope Haven. He lived with three different families in Rock Valley and spent weekends at home with his family in Edgerton. Denny flourished and completed his education at Hope Haven. It was there that that he learned to read and gained the valuable skills necessary for independent living.

After finishing school at Hope Haven, he spent several years operating a turning lathe in the Hope Haven workshop. He also punched the clock at Kookier Manufacturing, Fey Industries, Perkins and Walmart.

Denny eventually came full circle with his employment and began working at The Achievement Center in Worthington MN, a division of Hope Haven, where he was consistently recognized as a hard worker.

Denny lived on his own for nearly 45 years, and a majority of that time depended on his family for assistance with cleaning, appointments and transportation. He enjoyed collecting stamps and coins and was rarely seen without a camera around his neck. Rumor has it that he kept Polaroid profitable well into the digital age.

Over the years Denny enjoyed weekend stays at Edgerton with his parents. He would walk the town of Edgerton and visit with friends he had made over the years. Fred Huisken and Stan Hartog were always at the top of his list of people to visit.

Denny was well known in Worthington at several places he visited frequently. He enjoyed iced tea and donuts at HyVee and was known on a first name basis with most of the staff there.

As far a dress code is concerned Denny loved his Minnesota teams. He almost always wore a hat or shirt representing the Twins, Vikings, Wild, Timberwolves or Gophers. He also enjoyed attending sporting events. His favorite was a train trip to Seattle with his brothers to attend a Seattle Mariners game. Remaining loyal to Minnesota, he wore a Vikings hat and a twins shirt to that game.

He was a lifetime member of First Christian Reformed Church in Edgerton. He frequently visited America Reformed Church in Worthington during his time there.

Denny passed away on April 10, 2023. He was proceeded in death by his father Arthur and is lovingly remembered by his family and friends as a special person.

Memorials may be sent to Hope Haven.