I attended the meeting with Governor Dayton last Thursday at the Worthington Fire Hall. I was very impressed with him. Several in the room thanked him for his stand on education and the Lewis and Clark project.

Also in attendance was local legislator, Senator Weber. I was very embarrassed as Senator Weber stood up and started lecturing the governor on how to do his job. Apparently trying to gain some political points in an election year.

Mr. Weber also tried to create a divide between the metro area and rural Minnesota, pitting one area against the other. The way he talked to the governor was so disrespectful.

The governor responded that we are ONE Minnesota. What happens to rural Minnesota affects the metro and visa-versa. He also said, “We all do good when we all do good!”

I was so embarrassed by Senator Weber’s conduct that I told him so after the governor left. I also told him that the lack of respect for the governor is part of the reason why nothing gets done!

I hope that voters take into consideration Senator Weber’s behavior. We don’t need that attitude in St. Paul.

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