Ask a Trooper: What is the process for reporting an unsafe driver?

Question: What is the process for reporting an unsafe driver if you don't have a particularincident to report? I'm concerned with a bunch of things I've been noticing getting worse overtime. Thank you.Answer: There are several options for you to ...

Question:  What is the process for reporting an unsafe driver if you don’t have a particular
incident to report? I’m concerned with a bunch of things I’ve been noticing getting worse over
time. Thank you.
Answer: There are several options for you to consider.
1. Write and sign a letter to Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) outlining specific concerns. DVS will contact the driver and request they come in for an interview. Based on the interview they may be asked to take a written and road test, submit a vision report, and/or submit a doctor’s statement verifying that they are physically qualified to drive. This must be submitted within 30 days of the interview.
2. Law enforcement officers can request a review from DVS if they identify a driver who they believe should either re-test or be evaluated by a physician.
3. DVS may allow the person to continue driving with limitations such as roadway speed, time of day or a set limit of miles from his or her home. They can also require follow-up doctor’s exams.
Request for Examination form:
Information can be sent to: Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services, Driver Evaluation Unit, 445 Minnesota St., Suite 170, ST. PAUL, MN 55101-5170

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