Column: An enjoyable two months for Crailsheim student in Worthington

WORTHINGTON -- Hello Worthington, this is Johanna Andrejew. Here I am back with another review of two great months. September, my second month here in Worthington, started with a camping weekend in Jackson with my host family, the Johnsons. For t...

Johanna Andrejew (right) and Skyla Rautenkranz on King Turkey Day. (Submitted photo)

WORTHINGTON -- Hello Worthington, this is Johanna Andrejew. Here I am back with another review of two great months.

  September, my second month here in Worthington, started with a camping weekend in Jackson with my host family, the Johnsons. For three and a half days we camped directly at the race track, and that’s why I got the ultimate feeling of being a real race car driver (or at least a crew member.) I think I mentioned my host dad’s passion for race cars in my last letter, and I am so thankful that I got to experience this hobby and interest in such a cool way.

  On Sept. 6 the school started and I was extremely excited about getting to know my new school, my classmates and my classes. The first day turned out to be really fun and interesting. I got good classes (besides U.S. History and Spanish,  choir and Trojan Marching Band were part of my schedule) and met many people. Everyday turned out to be an exchange with other students who became friends, and I really enjoyed my time in school.

  In the second school week, the traditional homecoming week was a complete new experience I made. Joining my friends in disguising on the Dress Up days and seeing the Trojan Pride throughout the whole week was incredibly special to me. The home victory of the Trojan football team proved our slogan, “Trojan War -- We are changing history.”

The weekend started with the King Turkey Day Mayors Brunch, where my host family and I went to celebrate the start of the annual King Turkey Day Tradition. Good food accompanied me the whole day. I was lucky to experience the parade two times, at first with the Trojan Marching Band performing our parade show “Hooray for Hollywood“ (which was my very first show with this awesome band) and after that together with my host sister Skyla in our self-made Worthington-Crailsheim-friendship float. It was just an extremely beautiful sunshine day, and I’m glad that I got to experience it the way I did.


  After a few weeks of school, I auditioned for the fall play. Shortly after that, I got to meet my playmates, and we started rehearsing for our “Totally RED“ play in November. I enjoyed being a part of a theater club in my hometown Crailsheim the previous years, and I’m so happy that I can continue theater here at WHS.

  At the end of september my host family got visited by a friend from Crailsheim, Thomas Keller, who was a host dad of my Skyla during her year in Crailsheim. Together we visited Sioux Falls, went shopping and attended a Stampede ice hockey game that really fascinated me.

  My October started together with Marching Band season. As a band we marched through Sioux Falls at the Festival of Bands, Luverne at the Tri-State Band Festival, Chester at the Lake Area Festival, Chamberlain at the River City Band Festival and Anoka at the Halloween Parade during our Saturdays in October. I am appreciating all the memories I made during marching season and want to thank Mr. Loy, the band director for giving me the opportunity to experience WHS Marching Band.

  October 12 was a special for me because it was the day of my senior pictures. The sun was shining, and it was a beautiful day to make memories at Pioneer Village. At this point I want to thank Ric Stewart from Rickers Photography for taking so many nice pictures.

  Another big thing for me was that I got to go with my host family to Los Angeles, Calif. There we were on a college visit for Skyla and we did some sightseeing around Hollywood. On our way back to Minnesota, we visited family in Phoenix, Ariz. The whole travel was an adventure for me, and my highlight was the visit at the Grand Canyon. Sitting in the airplane on our way back home, I was really sad that our trip was already over, but at the same time I was so thankful for this unforgettable time.

  At the end of the month, many new things started. I had my first weeks of ice hockey practice with the Trojan Girls Hockey team and I felt right from the start so welcomed. Although they were all in varsity and I never really skated before on ice skates, they really let me feel as a member of the team and for that I am so thankful.

  Besides hockey, my driver training started at the end of October, and right now I’m practicing all those English words that I need to succeed in my exam. I can’t wait to explore Worthington’s streets in a car! (and with a supervisor, of course.)

  In November, one big thing that I couldn’t stop thinking about was the high school’s fall play. Every day after school, I met with my friends of the plays ensemble in the Memorial Auditorium in Worthington to rehearse our scenes. It’s one of my best experiences here because I got to know great people and good friends who all share the same interest for theater.  On the second weekend of November, we finally shared our show in which we put in so much work. Standing with the people who became friends over all those weeks was such a special and precious experience, and I enjoyed being a part of it.


  On Friday, Nov. 11, the Veterans Day program in Worthington High School took place. For me it was my very first Veterans Day (celebrating it) and I was simply impressed by all the students, teachers and staff members who knew family members who served in the military. It was just so touching to hear and read about their stories and to know they are not forgotten by remembering them with our words and our music. I was glad to experience that.

  Now, I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and celebrating it with my host family, the Johnsons. The sad fact: My time with them is almost over and I’ll be moving soon, but for right now I’m enjoying my last two weeks with them. I also want to express my thanks for the one family who gave me an incredibly warm welcome and made my American experience ultimate. Thank you so much Jean, Jason and Skyla. I’ll miss you.

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