WORTHINGTON — District 518 would like to express a sincere thank you for all the support given to our students and staff. Each year we see further growth in our school enrollment. This continues to provide challenges and the community support the school district receives is a critical component of meeting these challenges.

Every year we are able to provide excellent education and opportunities for our students who will grow to be part of our community. These students represent the future of our community, state and country, as well as the success of District 518.

Students will choose career paths that lead them to become active and productive citizens in not only our community, but also in other communities across Minnesota or in other states in our nation. The successes of District 518 graduates are a wonderful reflection of the excellent programming offered to them. These students were prepared and supported by the district in reaching their goals.

The continued excellence in education is brought forward in the expansion of programming like the career and technical education programming that is offered. A good example of this is the Teacher Pathway program that has been developed with Minnesota West Community and Technical College and Southwest Minnesota State University. The program, like the Certified Nursing Assistant program, allows students to explore careers that address the needs in the District 518 community as well as other regions.

The continued growth of the district has created challenges related to space, but the new plan will allow the district to develop well into the future. This includes crafting future programming to fit the needs of students and the opportunity to hire more quality educators. District 518 has outstanding employees that are committed to serving students and assisting them in meeting their educational goals. This is all accomplished through a united school community and is part of the excellent education offered by the district.

Over the next few years, changes will continue to happen. The opening of the Learning Center/Gymnastics facility, the addition that will be put on Worthington High School next summer, and a Community Education facility are all things to be looking forward to. In addition to these projects, residents will consider a request to build a new two or three grade intermediate school in a Nov. 5th election. All of these projects are important to the continued growth and development of District 518, which will allow for a continued tradition of offering an excellent education to students.

We encourage district residents to continue to be strong advocates for excellence in the education of District 518 students, along with supporting our over 600 employees who work in a dedicated manner to build a strong future for each student that is part of our school system.

We thank you for the continued support of District 518 and hope that you will choose to become an active participant in supporting our students. This can be accomplished by volunteering, attending events or various meetings, or one of many other options. We hope you have an enjoyable and excellent summer.