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Column: Plenty of good reasons to attend WCS Kindergarten Open House

By Worthington Christian Schools Promotions Committee

WORTHINGTON — Are you looking for a place in our community for your child to blend in or belong? Would you like for their faith and character to be groomed alongside their academics? Worthington Christian School will be opening its doors for the annual Kindergarten Open House from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, March 15.

If you know or have children ranging in age from 2-5, we encourage you to visit the school with them at 1770 Eleanor St. in Worthington. Or, if your student is not thriving in their current education setting and you’re willing to consider a unique and refreshing approach, stop by for a quick school tour. Parents, teachers and students from WCS will be on hand to lead the way and answer questions as they arise. While prospective kindergarten students have fun exploring the kindergarten classroom, an informal parent meeting will take place at 5:45 for those interested in attending.

Worthington Christian School has made a name for itself in our community for the past 70 years. It operates as a non-denominational school, representing over 10 local churches with the theory that Christian education gives students the tools to be great thinkers who love God and are devoted to the truth of His word. The goal of Worthington Christian School is to educate children in the light of God’s word and to prepare them for a life of service to God, to his creation and to their community.

“Many parents never give much thought to where and how their child will be educated in the next 13 years. They just send them off to school. Worthington Christian School has Christ at the center. Christ is important in subjects that are taught, rules that are set, social interactions and extracurricular activities.” — Martha Lubben, WCS Kindergarten teacher (20+ years)

“Having attended WCS myself as a child, I knew that there was no other school I would send my children to. The focus on Christ, the smaller class sizes and welcoming atmosphere are just what I wanted for my girls. Now as a parent of a kindergartener, there is nothing better than having my daughter come home and tell about the Bible stories she is learning about or how she is integrating God into her everyday life.” — Kari Voss Drost, WCS alumni/parent

“As a second-year teacher at WCS, I have loved the relationships I have gained with my students. The teacher-to-student ratio at WCS has allowed me to deeply know my students learning styles and get to know who they truly are. There is no prouder moment as a teacher than seeing my students grow, take what they have learned here and be ready to go out as warriors for Christ.” — Ashley Huisken, WCS 7th/8th grade homeroom teacher

“I have spent almost nine school years learning and growing in this building. WCS has become like a family to me. My teachers are more like life coaches and my friends and siblings are growing up here, too. I remember coming with my parents to the kindergarten open house feeling happy and eager to learn in a new place. I’m so thankful they invested in my education.  Now as a soon-to-be eighth-grade graduate, I look forward to following God’s plan for me in high school.” — WCS eighth-grade student