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Column: Two events on horizon at Worthington Middle School

By Jeff Luke, District 518

WORTHINGTON — Another school year is right around the corner, and we have big plans to get off to a great start at Worthington Middle School. We also want families to have a pleasant start to the school year, and we know that raising and educating a middle school aged child can make for some rewarding and difficult times.

When the going gets tough, it’s OK to seek out some help or advice from others who have been there or are actual experts in children and psychology. One of my favorite websites is called “Focus on the Family.” It has great advice for all ages of kids, but l like reading about middle schoolers. There’s even a podcast if you prefer to listen; go to

One of my favorite lists for parents that’s shared on the website is called “The No-No List.” It’s 10 common mistakes parents inadvertently make in talking to their children — that’s right, communication problems aren’t always the fault of our kids! This is a good one to print off and refer back to when things get frustrating.

Two big events are coming fast to Worthington Middle School:

Back to School and Picture Day is an open house for all students in grades 5-8, and this year it takes place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Aug. 23 at WMS. This is a day to stop in and pay for your iPad insurance, get your schedule and find out your locker assignment, check your bus route, fill out and turn in some forms, wander the halls and see some friends ... and more. We will also have our school pictures taken on this day, so wear something nice.

In the Middle Day is the first day of school just for fifth-graders. That will happen on Aug. 30 and will be a full school day from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. You can ride the bus and have breakfast and lunch at school. You’ll get to practice your locker, set up your iPad and learn your way around the building without all the commotion of the other students.

With that, we will be ready to start the first day for everyone on Sept. 4. See you then!

Jeff Luke is principal at Worthington Middle School.