Column: District 518 adapting new teacher induction model


By Tessa Dierks and Julie Bauman

WORTHINGTON — District 518 continues to grow and evolve each year. The Department of Teaching and Learning is excited to announce a change for new teacher induction for our 2018-19 school year and beyond!

We are moving to a new teacher induction model endorsed through the New Teacher Center (NTC), based out of California. The new model is based on current research concerning teacher retention, accelerated teacher effectiveness and enhanced student achievement. This model provides new teachers with job-embedded, instructional support through the implementation of instructional mentors.    

Instructional mentors support instructional growth and development of teachers in their first three years with ISD 518 in the areas of implementing effective instructional strategies, classroom management, analyzing student work, differentiated instruction, class culture and climate, supporting ELL and students with special needs, and other professional growth areas. Instructional mentors use multiple data collection tools and protocols that guide new teachers in reflecting on practice and monitoring progress towards goals for instructional improvement. Instructional mentors work closely with classroom teachers, site leaders, other coaches and administrators to accelerate effectiveness of new teachers for a positive impact on student learning.

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Tessa Dierks and Julie Bauman are instructional mentors in District 518.