WORTHINGTON - What are your two most favorite things?


Julie Andrews liked raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens as two of her “most favorite things.”


Fishermen like walleye and perch as two of their favorites.


Snowmobilers love 12 inches of fluff and drifts that wind along fields as their favorite things.


Basketball coaches preach hard work and teamwork as their favorites.


Newspaper writers love a developing story and a catchy headline.


What would you call your two least favorite things?


Truck drivers would comment that ice and low visibility top that list.


Employers’ worst things are tardiness and poor workmanship.


As a homemaker, maybe a dusty counter and a dirty oven are your least favorite things.


When it comes to newspaper carriers, what are their likes and dislikes? Carriers like to make our customers happy, and love to make some spending money fulfilling that task. The Globe has carriers in all age brackets, from school-age kids to second-income workers to semi-retirees. Some do it for the money, others deliver papers for the satisfaction of a job completed (and the spending money is nice, too).


What don’t carriers like? Snow banks and ice patches!!  Over these past six weeks, we have seen more of each of these than we like. Winter is hard in Minnesota if you work outside. We earn our dimes and quarters for bringing the news to doorsteps like yours. But we do ask for your help - and your patience!


We need your help in keeping that pathway scooped and ice-free. It’s hard enough getting over the snow banks along the streets. You can help keep us on schedule if your walk and steps to your paperbox are clear of those winter obstacles. We come early in the day during these winter mornings; we’re doing much of our work before the sunlight has even come to guide us to the right doors.


We don’t know when your morning coffee break is, but we try and get your midweek and weekend news to you as best we can. When our winter obstacles get in our way, we ask your patience in those early morning hours.  It does take longer to walk carefully - we like to run at times, but can’t do that now. We’re sure you have noticed the treacherous walking conditions, and if we go down, that not only hurts physically but may stop us from doing our job.


So, as we progress through this middle of winter, The Globe asks all of our Worthington residents to please shovel and keep the pathway to your paper box clean of ice and snow. If we aren’t at your door as early as last summer, remember how careful you have to walk on this Minnesota ice rink and have a little patience with us.  The news will get through.


Rick Fey is The Globe’s circulation manager.